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It is almost that time of the year.  The breeze in the air, the crunch of bones, and the sound of screaming fans all through the fall.  I love football, whether it be high school, college, pro, or even Canadian.  The NFL does not start for almost 3 months, but college starts in less than 2 months.

Seeing as how we are in the south we know football is king.  Whether it be SEC, ACC, or even Southern Conference.  No matter who you pull for the season is soon to be on us.

In college football everyone knows the big names, USC (the real USC out west), Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Ohio State.  Florida is the consensus number one across the board in most major magazines and prognostications.  Texas and Oklahoma come in at two and three respectively.  USC comes in at fourth followed by continually disappointing Ohio State.

In South Carolina you have to make a choice in who you want to pull for, South Carolina or Clemson.  It does not matter if you went to either school or even to another but you have to choose one.  I would like to think that the state is evenly divided, but honestly I do not know.

South Carolina is considered by most preseason magazines to be a late 30’s to early 50’s.  I believe that the Gamecocks will end up being 7-5, but has a chance to be 8-4.  I think that the Spurrier magic has ran its course and hie reign is soon to be at an end.  The Gamecocks have talent coming back, but unfortunately they lost a lot of key players from last year.

Clemson is rated by most prognosticators to be in the low 30’s.  I think the Tigers will end up 8-4, but will hopefully can steal one and end up at 9-3.  We will see how Dabo Swinney does with a full year under his belt.  The Tigers did not bring in a lot of recruits, and they lost a lot of skill players from last year.

I am not intentionally leaving out the smaller schools, so if anyone would like to add something about our other schools I would gladly like to read it.  I welcome all comments regarding any and all teams, so let me know what you think.

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