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Today is the day we all have been waiting for. The showdown between Rachel Hoff and Audra Shay. Who will win, who knows?

We will say that you can check back hear throughout the day for updates from the Convention floor. We will be updating as often as we can via iPhone as long as the battery lasts.

Feel free to comment on the situations on the floor because I know I will not catch everything.

An update on yesterday’s events. Texas and Pennsylvania Delegations were seated last night. This came after hours of debate and sources indicate that the Next Level team helped resolve those issues.

We know 5 delegates from Kentucky have not been credentialed yet. Sources claim the delays in the Texas proceedings are the source of those issues.

It was also learned that ranking members of YR Renewal were responsible for trying to block the Nevada delegation from being chartered and seated. Sources claim that they allowed them to be seated once they realized Nevada’s delegates supported Renewal.

And finally, we started hearing rumblings that there may be a third party candidate running from the floor.

Sources have indicated that this individual may be from YR Renewal, showing fracture in the group. Other sources claim that the 3rd candidate may run between the ideaologies of the Next Level and Renewal candidates and has no ties to either organization.

We are having a delay in the start. Word is someone had medical issues.

Aaron Shock speak to convention. Discusses opportunity to travel with Obama to CAT to discuss stimulus.

More recess, no action. Still can’t get everyone credentialed. This is the largest unorganized piece of work I have ever seen.

Finally accepted credentials. Oh then we decide 5 hours later we need to pledge and pray

Reading the rules

Currently have a roll call vote to see if the YR protects voters rights to a secret ballot.

Secret ballot failed 522-410

We are finally voting on Chair.

Shay wins 470-415.
SC votes 12-4 against Shay

Lisa Sticken wins co-chair.

Election for vice-chair

We have lost track, chaos on the floor and Next Level candidates are dropping out of contested races.

Sunday July 12th
Updating from the airport, it appears the final tally was 472 for Shay and 415 for Hoff

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  • Disgusted Kat

    “Audra Shay wins 470-415″

    Long live the GOP… the Party of Barn-burners, Big-mouths, and Bigots!

    Good luck re-organizing and re-energizing the Party with a “Young Republican” leader who distorts the truth, deletes all her social media accounts to destroy evidence of her bigotry, and who delights in denigrating and demonizing others who don’t have the same ideology and viewpoints that she does.

    Haven’t we had enough of this kind of leadership?

    Apparently not.

    Republicans: the Party of Exclusion

    Welcome to the Land of Exile.

    Disgusted Kat

    • ted

      and Harry Potter burners…and public library torchers…and Wayne Newton listeners…and duck hunting with howitzer users…

  • Jamie

    I am a young Republican activist living in New Jersey. I am sick to my stomach that Audra won this election. I can bet that her time leading this group will be for the purposes of simply holding the title. She will not reach out to minorities in any constructive way, she will not bring in more young people, and the media will blast her every time she tries to speak on an issue. This is horrible for the Party and that her supporters were in La La Land and couldn’t see this is terrible.

    What we need is a separate Young Republican group, perhaps Rachel Hoff can relaunch her site. I am no giving any more of my money to the YR;s until Audry is gone. I would prefer to give my money to another group. I know many people in my state feel the same way. Can some one provide a list of everyone who voted for Audra Shay, what states etc..and who her team is. I suspect that her and her supporters will try to go after everyone who opposed them.

    NJ GOP trying to oust candidate over racial slur – NOW THIS..THIS HAS TO STOP

  • Jamie

    Can some one provide a list of everyone who voted for Audra Shay, what states etc..and who her team is. I suspect that her and her supporters will try to go after everyone who opposed them.


  • Joe

    Rachel’s downfall was a former chair who was advising her and taking really low low steps behind the scenes….enough that she caused controversy even within her own state. She was also spreading rumors about Audra dating back several months. It was pretty sad. I don’t care about the outcome too much, but the process getting there was ugly and nasty. We’re all on the same team. When we forget that, we lose.

  • Aaron

    SC votes 12-4 against Shay. Wow! Go Palmetto state! This makes up, in part, for the Klan gatherings on Wade Hapmton Boulevard that I had to endure when I lived in Greenville during the early 1990s. (Yes, Virginia, even some white folks are disgusted by the Klan and Neo-Nazis.) I would love to buy each member of the delegation another round of whatever they are drinking and wish them the very best in their careers. Still, I think electing Ms. Shay is a good (not to be equated with positive) move. In the end I think she will prove to be an even more polarizing figure than she is at this moment. The YRNF will shrink under her leadership and, one would hope, the organization will learn from and grown in the wake of this error in collective judgement.

  • Matt

    Well I don’t know any of these national Young Republican leaders, but all I can say is that I’m glad the majority who wanted to vote for Audra Shay did that and did not give in to this manufactured candidacy by some of her fellow Republicans and the liberal blogosphere. I’ve been reading about this YR election on sites like the Huffington Post and Daily Kos of all places. People are basically carrying out a character assassination of Audra Shay.

    When George Allen said “macaca” in a stump speech in 2006, the Democrats said Allen was a racist, that he knew that word was a derogatory term used in Central Africa and that he must have meant it as a slur to some kid in the audience. The media pounced, but we Republicans knew better. When Trent Lott honored Strom Thurmond on Strom’s 100th birthday by reminiscing about Thrmond’s historic 1948 run for the presidency, the Democrats and the media got into Lott’s head and said he must have meant it as a racist comment. We Republicans knew better.

    I’m glad the majority of Young Republican delegates didn’t forget all the times that leaders in our own party have been falsely accused of being racists, and did not do the same to Audra Shay.

  • Jay

    “It is a disgrace that these types of political attacks are taking place and once again, it proves that my opponents will stoop to the lowest levels to steal this election from the jaws of victory.” – Audra Shay

    That’s not the political grace needed for inclusion of social moderates and liberals who are in support of fiscal conservatism. The kind that is needed is one which celebrates rational argument and is conciliatory when the leader acts wrongly – not unfriending Young Republicans who demonstrate moral leadership or keeps the racist friended and posting on the pages or wipe social networking pages to censor the controversy instead of confront it head on by making a clear statement on the page that racial slurs are not acceptable….

    This is the kind of Republican Party leadership America needs in order to attract more people to vote for fiscal conservatism:

    “It is with my deepest regret that I feel the need to address the incident that has recently plagued this campus. It has been in the Republican tradition to support those persecuted against. We are the party of abolition; the party of the Civil Rights movement. What happened on campus this week is disheartening to American politics. Regardless of your politics, this act of hate cannot be tolerated. We at George Fox are a moderate and close-knit culture. It is important that we not let this uncharacteristic event taint our reputation. The GFU College Republicans have been encouraging the creation of a College Democrats group and find that now, more than ever, this should be pursued. We believe in a civil political dialogue between both parties in which students can objectively decide their platforms. Our heart goes out to the Act Six scholarship recipients and the GFU faculty who have had to address this unfortunate issue.
    John Archibald
    Chairman, GFU College Republicans”

  • Jay

    If you prefer censorship against electronic vetting then you aren’t in full support of rational engagement on economic issues.

  • ted

    At 38, a “young” Republican?

    Okay, at 40, I like to joke with my students that 40 is the “new 30.” But hey, I’m 40, half way through life, which means I’m middle aged.

    I’m older, damn it. I can’t lead the “young anything” anymore, and shouldn’t!

    I’m sure there are many smart Republicans who can step back, and see the “big picture” issue here. I’m sorry…I’d want somebody in their 20s to lead the young Republicans. Teens, undergrad years, twenties, even early thirties…that’s young. But we all turn a weird imperceptible corner at 35-36. This is precisely the problem, right?

    Yet another election pick that the Republicans will come to quickly regret. Hey…maybe Palin and Shay and Beck and Limbaugh are part of a Democratic Party scheme?

    It’s become this silly, folks.

  • Matt

    As a former YR leader, I have to say after this election that I’m DONE with this organization. I’m in transition between YR clubs right now and after this I’ve just decided to not reach out to the YR club in my new county. If need be, I will move on to a third party, but this sealed the deal with me as far as ever being involved with the YRs again.

  • Jay

    Remember the ad for Ann Coulter on this site?

    “The Anti-Defamation League describes the Council of Conservative Citizens as a “white supremacist”[6] organization. The CofCC is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to be part of the “neo-confederate movement.” The NAACP, League of United Latin American Citizens, SPLC (which lists it as a “hate group”[11]) Anti-Defamation League, and even some conservative groups, such as Conservative Political Action Conference,[12] consider the Council of Conservative Citizens a racist and homophobic organization, pointing to its purported advocacy of white supremacy. This view is partially based on the CofCC’s statement of principles, which condemns racial integration (see item 2), immigration by non-Europeans (see item 2), homosexuality, and interracial marriage (see item 6).[13]

    The group has not responded to this charge. According to its opponents, the Council of Conservative Citizens resorts to slanted and inflammatory language and images to promote its message. An April 2005 photo essay on the CCC website showed a selection of gruesome images of decapitated, burnt and mangled bodies of white victims of black violence in South Africa, while the caption states that whites may one day become a minority in the United States, and “it can happen here.”[14]

    Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has defended the group against charges of racism. [15]”

    Can a party that tacitly endorses race-baiting against African Americans and Muslims and intolerance against gays and lesbians remain the party of Lincoln?

  • 30-something Republican

    I think what’s getting lost in this whole debate is the fact that she wants to be considered “young” when she’s 37 and her facebook picture makes her look like she’s in her early 40s.

    This is why democratics want stem-cells; so they can extend our lives and make the young republicans have to elect a 50 year old whose out of touch.