Phelps Break 100M Butterfly Record

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Michael Phelps World Record

We witnessed history tonight.

Looking at the latest things to do in Indianapolis during our somewhat free day, I found that the US National Swimming Championships were being held about a mile away.  For $8, I bought a general admission ticket and became a swimming fan for an hour and ten minutes.

It was a neat experience and it was amazing to see Phelps in person.  We all know the guy is huge and has a huge appetite but it was very neat to see him perform in person.

As usual, as so it seems from watching the Olympics last year, Phelps took to the starting blocks and began “flapping his wings”.  I really don’t know how else to describe it.

Phelps was well ahead of the pace when as he finished is first fifty meters in about 23 seconds.  At that time, whoever wasn’t standing stood up.

He finished the race with a time of 50:22, beating the world record by .18 seconds.  Peirsol finished 3rd in the 100M Butterfly finals.

We also were able to witness Dara Torres win the 50M freestyle.  She won it in considerable fashion.

Enjoy the video below.

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  • 30-something Republican

    I guess that bong hit hasn’t slowed him down at all.

  • Corey Mondello

    Smoking dope and humping that born-again porn star who was Miss California must still be working for him.

    Damn….maybe I need to be a Republican and be “born-again”….they seem to have all the fun.

  • Kurt

    That margin of victory is simply sick.

    In a 100m race, winning by 3-4 tenths is a pretty commanding win. Winning by 8 tenths is simply domination.

    I do wonder if Ian Crocker retired though… he’s the american who challenged Phelps regularly in the 100m fly and held the previous record at 50.40.