Credentials Issues at YRNC

July 10, 2009 by  
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Twiitter is a buzz concerning credentials at the YRNC tomorrow.

We just arrived onto the hearing, keep tune in for updates and follow #yrindy and #yrnc2009 on twitter for the latest.

still in recess at credentials meeting. Both teams are eagerly working the floor.

Call to order, loud applause.

Paliamentary inquiry on floor requiring 2/3 vote

Reading rules from 2007 convention regarding credentialing process.

Challenging the chair, a call to question has been ordered.

Motion withdrawn to call the question

Ammendments being presented.

This meeting is making tr Greenville Convention look calm and clear.

Still debating amendments

Understand this is an executive committee meeting, not a credentials hearing.

Amendments passed unanimously

We will try to get the amendments and post for the people to see.

Trying to block Nevada charter now.

Nevada is chartered unanimously now.

Meeting adjourned.

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  • 30-something Republican

    I think the important thing to remember here is that Audra Shay is not young. Republican maybe, but she’s almost 40. Probably can’t even have babies anymore.

    • The patriot

      YES SHE CAN!

  • Jay

    Since the Republican Party keeps drilling, baby, drilling for votes in Bigot Land, I’m quite happy with the Blue Dogs as Obama’s opposition. At least they can recognize the difference between bigotry and rational disagreement. Besides that, they are generally fiscal conservative – social liberals, which is where I stand.

  • Matt

    Jay–if you think the Blue Dogs are “socially liberal”, you may want to check out Congressmen Shuler, Ellsworth, Donnelly, Hill, Taylor, Melancon, Griffith, Minnick, etc. etc.

    All Blue Dogs, all pro-life, all pro-gun, all pro-traditional marriage.

    While the Blue Dogs main issue is fiscal conservatism, a lot, if not a majority, of its members are socially conservative as well.

    • Jay

      You’re right. I stand corrected.

      “The Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party

      In 2006, I discovered the “Blue Dogs” caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives and as I looked at their positions on key issues, I concluded there were millions of Americans like me who could not support liberal democratic positions so I started the Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party as a conservative national organization of Democrats opposed to abortion, gay marriage and gun control.”