Big Changes in 4th Congressional Primary

July 9, 2009 by  
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Andrew Smart, Candidate for Congress

Andrew Smart, Candidate for Congress

In a press release issued by the Andrew Smart Congressional Campaign, he has planned a major announcement that will change the dynamics of the race.

This may be the rumors that we have been hearing that we mentioned the other day with Jeffery’s campaign.  We’ll have to wait and see.

The announcement is scheduled for 11:45am Friday, July 10th, at Duke’s Sandwich Company on 626 Congaree Rd.

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  • Reaganite

    Hmmm… let me guess…

    Announcement One: I withdraw

    Announcement Two: I support Trey

    Special Guest: Trey?

  • Matt

    I think it’s a bit presumptuous on Smart’s part for him to think that any announcement he makes will “immediately change the dynamic” of the 4th district race. Frankly the race hasn’t really materialized itself yet. All you have at this point is a collection of individuals who have said they are running. There hasn’t really been that much politicking to speak of. How many GOP primary voters even know who Andrew Smart is at this point? It’s early yet–the dynamics are not even there yet for anyone to change.

    Unless Andrew Smart is appearing at Duke’s on Friday with Sarah Palin to announce her endorsement, this is much ado about nothing…

  • Reaganite

    Matt, you are so right! There is NO dynamic to change.

    Probably means nothing, but Smart and Gowdy attended the Monday Republican luncheon and sat together.

  • Fort Liberty

    I agree with Reaganite that Andrew has one of two announcements. Changing dynamics? Andrew hasn’t raised much money…if any at all and not many around the community, at least where I live and speak with citizens, even like him. He should drop out and save himself some time, energy and money.