The Gloves are Off, Shay vs Hoff

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Good morning from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

We are beginning our journey to Indianapolis to participate in this weeks convention at the Hyatt Regency – Indianapolis.

Some latest news on the campaign front.

A new blog has been thrown up in the last few days attacking Next Level chairman candidate Rachel Hoff over her past conviction of voter fraud in the 2004 South Dakota Senate Race.  Hoff’s response in a recent Politico article

She called the misdemeanor, made when she was just 22 and in the process of “cutting corners,” a mistake, and said it had taught her a “harsh lesson.”

They also continue to attack Hoff on her position in support of civil unions.

According to our sources though, YR Renewal candidate Audra Shay cannot make up her mind on whether or not she supports civil unions.  It has been reported that she supports civil unions in one state and upon entering socially conservative states, she claims she does not support it.

We have seen new reports of more racially laced comments being made by Audra Shay as well.  Here is the newest comment:

“What, no Obama in a noose?”

Now this comment was supposedly prefaced as a response to a Sarah Palin noose comment/photo.  Either way, both were wrong and the double standard exists.

The question is, why does she continue to open her mouth and screw herself further.  I am quickly reminded of our great Governor Sanford who kept providing intimate details about his Argentine affair.

Either way, I have a decision to make this week.  Rachel Hoff or Audra Shay for Chairman of the National Federation of Young Republicans.

Unfortunately for me, I just realized I left my Robert’s Rules of Order book at home.  Time to find the iPhone version.

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  • April

    Sounds like Indy is really going to be something to experiance…..keep us updated on the happenings. I really hate that we’re going to miss all the action.

  • Ron J

    LOL oh no you forgot the Roberts Rule book. As far as Shay goes I agree she needs to keep her mouth shut like our great Governor should have. As far as your vote, I have no idea, just vote your concious. Let us know how it is going. Thanks

  • Jay

    The problem is that keeping her mouth shut isn’t good enough. She is already sympathetic to racism and religious bigotry no matter what she doesn’t say. Dump her.

  • Samuel

    Wow what a choice, a demonstrated racist or a convicted vote fraudster. The future of the Republican party is in safe hands.

  • NC member

    Rachel brought up the incident from five years ago herself at the last national board meeting and apologized and talked about what she had learned. Also note even the Politico column states this was not actual voter fraud:

    “Long said at the time that ‘there’s no indication that any unqualified voter tried to cast an absentee ballot,’ the Argus Leader reported.
    The lack of indication of actual fraudulent voting didn’t get in the way of a large-scale GOP effort to claim voting fraud in the run-up to last year’s election.”

    A mistake Rachel brought up herself from 5 years ago? Or this fiasco from last week from Audra, which she still has not even apologized for?