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Alan Keyes Speaks to Boiling Springs Tea Partiers

Alan Keyes Speaks to Boiling Springs Tea Partiers

Dr. Alan Keyes came to the Upstate for the Fourth of July to share his thoughts and visions for America.

He began the day eating breakfast and speaking to a group of 60 at Westside church about the role of religion in politics and what we really should do on Independence Day.

Below you will find videos from his morning event at Westside Church in Simpsonville, SC.

Westside Church Part 1

Westside Church Part 2

Westside Church Part 3

Westside Church Part 4

Westside Church Part 5

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  • Maria Brady

    Gary: We do thank you for filming the events as you promised. However, you committed to post all of the events on You Tube. So far, I have not seen the events posted. What up? Can you please get them posted. I promised the Keyes staff, as did you, that ALL events would be posted. Not just the breakfast, and, I noticed you did not mention that Dr. Keyes was brought to the Upstate by Boiling Springs Tea Party and Christina Jeffrey for Congress. I might that the Tea Party paid the majority of the expenses to bring Dr. Keyes to the Upstate. I feel that it is not truthful for you to make it appear on your site the Simpsonville event brought him to the Upstate. Give some credit where credit is due!

    • http://Theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      Maria, I have uploaded four of the 7 Keyes Tea Party videos. Unfortunately, uploading 1.6 GB over my internet connection ties up my Internet, which prevents me from doing my full time job.

      I still have about 2.5 hours of video uploads before I am able to post the event from the Tea Party.

      And if you have issues with me, call me. Don’t use Christina’s underhanded tactics.