Sanford’s Absence – Not an Issue

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Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina

Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina

Our friends over at the Palmetto Scoop, Sen. Jake Knotts, and other elected officials saw an opportunity to take down Governor Mark Sanford and they went for the kill.

They have had it out for Sanford for some time now and what better way to get rid of the reformer than to tear him apart by claiming the state was screwed in the event of a natural disaster or an emergency like the fires that ravaged Myrtle Beach earlier this year.

Well, apparently our prior leaders had a little bit of common sense and I am extremely disappointed that none of our elected officials picked up on this and put this fire out.

In the SC Constitution, there is a provision that is drawn out for the exact event, had it happened, in the Governor’s absence.  Thanks to Dean Allen, candidate for Adjutant General, for sending us this information.

SECTION 25-1-1840. Authority of Governor to order out National Guard.

In the event of (a) war, insurrection, rebellion, invasion, tumult, riot or a mob, (b) a body of men acting together by force with intent to commit a felony, to offer violence to persons or property or by force and violence to break and resist the laws of this State or of the United States, (c) in case of the imminent danger of the occurrence of any of such events or (d) in the event of public disaster the Governor may order the National Guard of South Carolina or any part thereof into the active service of the State and cause them to perform such duty as he shall deem proper. The Governor may also upon the written request of the mayor of a city or the sheriff of a county within which a large public assemblage is to occur order out the National Guard or any part thereof to preserve order and keep people within bounds at such assemblage. In case the Governor shall be absent from the State or unavailable for any reason, the authority herein bestowed shall pass to the Adjutant General of the State.

And the leaders even went a step further if the Adjutant General was not available either:

SECTION 25-1-1880. Local commanding officer may order out National Guard.

In the event of insurrection, rebellion, invasion, tumult, riot, resistance to law or process or breach of the peace occurring in the vicinity of the station of any organization of the National Guard of South Carolina, the senior commanding officer of that station, whenever the exigencies of the situation are such as to render it impossible first to communicate with the Governor, or Adjutant General, may, upon request in writing by the sheriff of the county involved or an officer acting in his stead stating the facts and the nature of the service desired, order out the organization at that station or such portion thereof as he shall deem necessary and cause it to perform such duty as the circumstances shall require. In any such case such commanding officer shall immediately report what he has done and all of the circumstances of the case to the Governor and it shall be deemed that the action was taken by order of the Governor.

So, I believe it is time for each of the Elected Officials and blogs who tried to score political points to fess up and admit they screwed up.  They need to issue a public apology and let this state move forward.

Case dismissed!

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  • LP

    Agreed! Thank you.

  • Ron Paul was Right

    He was “Spitzered”. Plain and simple. Sanford is one of the few people standing in the way of a totalitarian regime. Look at all the governor/senator “takedowns”. Wake-up people!! I’m not sure I believe a single drop of the “official story”…suppose the Sanford family was physically threatened…wouldn’t you say anything to protect your family??? Just consider it people!

    And shame on those that jumped all over Sanford for their own political gain! Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in it!

    • Kurt

      It’s a conspiracy… a CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU!

      On another note… Obama is a MUSLIM! And his Christian Preacher HATES AMERICA!

      He’s also NOT A CITIZEN! That birth certificate verified by the Hawaiian government is a FAKE. And he GAVE UP his US citizenship to become Indonesian… EVEN THOUGH IT’S AGAINST THE LAW FOR A MINOR TO GIVE UP THEIR CITIZENSHIP!

      And his middle name is HUSSEIN! Come on… HUSSEIN! Don’t you see… he’s a terrorist!

      Did I mention we didn’t land on the moon? A HOAX!

      And there are black helicopters who follow me around when I go outside.

      I think my neighbor works for the CIA.

      She’s out to get me.

      I know it.


  • Carol Martin

    Sanford has lost credibility. No one likes a lying cheater. Was Jenny Sanford lying when she stated that he asked her permission to see his mistress? I think not. We know that Sanford was on a plane that departed Argentina for Atlanta because he was met in the Atlanta airport by a State reporter. His actions have been bizarre, but powerful men sometimes are stupid! BTW, Lindsey Graham is Godfather to one of Sanford’s sons……

  • Dan Bernard

    Spell check, anyone?