SLED Claims Sanford is Clear

July 2, 2009 by  
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According to SLED’s investigation of Sanford’s travels, they have declared that their is not any evidence of criminal activities made by the governor.

Director Lloyd said that if there is any information provided that justifies a criminal investigation, then it will be further reviewed.  He stated that this was not a criminal investigation, but a review.

Lloyd also states that this was a state sponsored business trip that state business was conducted on.  The governor can choose to do what he wants in his personal time.  It is no different than a state employee seeing a ball game after spending the day in conferences.

This is the same argument we made the other day.

Questions still linger as to whether or not he should resign or if he will be impeached.  Only time will tell.

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  • eb

    Anyone calling for Sanford’s removal should ask themselves first how they would feel about having Andre “SC2″ Bauer running the state.
    I’d rather have a governor who acknowledges his mistakes and moves on than a weasel like Bauer any day.


    • Gaia

      Just leave him alone. He did a terrible thing to his family, but not to us. Leave him a lone, quit trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and give the family a chance to sort things out and see where they need to go from here. You know, I had a high stress job making important decisions for other people in a short schedule, but I managed to maintain my dignity and work and during my divorce and in the end, my work didn’t suffer and the marriage ended as it would have either way. So lay off the Sandfords. None of us know their full story and we don’t need to. It’s their story, not ours.