Consultants Drop 4th Congressional Candidate

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We have been hearing rumors for a few weeks now that there was trouble in paradise for a 4th Congressional District campaign.  Some of those sources indicated it was Andrew Smart’s campaign, some have even stated that Inglis’ campaign was in trouble.

Much to our surprise, we have learned and have confirmed that the Dark Horse Strategy Group has dropped Christina Jeffery’s campaign for Congress.

Dark Horse Strategy Group lead consultant, Kerry Wood, has confirmed with The Conservativist that they are no longer managing and working on Christina Jeffery’s campaign for South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District effective June 23rd.

More on this story to come…

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  • Curious?

    Any chance this was motivated by her appearing at Campaign 4 Liberty & Tea Party rallies?

  • Matt

    Maybe this turmoil explain why Christina Jeffrey currently has two different campaign websites up for her 2010 campaign, and neither have an email address for the campaign.

  • Fort Liberty

    Perhaps this will provoke her to stop wasting campaign funds and just give up. I keep asking this question of people…and am I yet to receive a straight answer.

    If she could not beat Durham Cole Jr. in a State House race….how can she beat Inglis in a US Congressional race?

    • Cato the Youngest

      The answer is that she lost to Durham Cole by 120 votes because he was the fair-haired boy in Spartanburg, son of the man who held the seat before him, and she wasn’t expected to even come close to beating him. (Many people thought it was his father running for the seat, an amusing spectacle when they came face-to-face with Durham Jr at the polls on election day.) She nearly pulled off a huge upset; according to sources at the time from the Cole campaign, had the Jeffreys had one more week, they think she might have won. In any case, it was a local race, and it was won by a local boy with a local name. The Congressional campaign is a national race, and Christina Jeffrey has a lot of national recognition. Her forte and much of her experience in politics is mostly on the national level. In campaigns like this, experience actually counts.

      • Matt

        Cato makes some good points about Jeffrey coming within 120 voters of beating Derham Cole in the primary. I disagree that her national recognition, to the extent that it exists (and regardless of whether the whole “being considered for U.S House historian dust-up” is a positive or negative), is signigicant for her chances in the 4th CD race. The fact is that she is in a tough position because she (along with Jim Lee) are the odd-ones out in a six-person field. David Thomas and Trey Gowdy come in to the primary with the local name recognition already, and Andrew Smart comes in with the money already to be competative. Her chances of being the “Spartanburg candidate” in the race were shattered when Trey Gowdy got in to this.

        This race with be Inglis vs. Gowdy in Spartanburg, Inglis vs. Thomas in Greenville, Smart is the X-factor, Lee (and independent Mahler) are the Non-factors, and Jeffrey is most likely a Non-factor. The only thing she has going for her is that the field is big enough that the primary electorate could be fractured four or five different ways, people who may otherwise have voted for Inglis will choose not to because they have so many other options to choose from, and because of this there is no true runaway front-runner throughout much of the primary. However, this is also what Gowdy, Thomas and Smart have going for them in their favor. She will have a difficult time coming in at least second to get into the runoff with Inglis.

        • Cato the Youngest

          Going by conventional wisdom, Matt is certainly correct. The numbers are against the three outsider candidates, but races are not won on numbers alone — by a poll taken two months before the Cole-Jeffrey primary, he should have won 85%-15%. This race will depend heavily on the candidates personally, by their message and their level of commitment to the campaign. Especially in this political climate, I think voters will be paying very close attention to those things.

          • Fort Liberty

            Why are the independents non-factors? True conservatives do not hide behind party they, as Ralph Emerson put it, to go “where there is no path and leave a trail.” The independents are leaving a trail in the new “moderate” climate of the Republican party. Don’t count them out, they are some of the strongest voices in a split race.

  • Cato the Youngest

    For clarification’s sake, Mike Rothfeld with Saber Communications has been Jeffrey’s official campaign consultant since February.

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