Al Franken Wins Minnesota…Finally

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Al Franken

Al Franken

After 8 longs months of recounts, court cases, and the Minnesota Supreme Court, Franken is finally the candidate to take the seat in the US Senate.  Republican Norm Coleman issued a concession speech shortly after the announcement made by the court.

Democrats now have a 60 vote majority in the Senate.  Some could say thanks to Arlen Spector, but this now becomes a larger issue with the new cap and trade bill coming to the Senate.  Many argue the only way this is going to stop is a filibuster by the Republicans.

Based on party lines, the Democrats have a filibuster proof majority.  The question is will they stick together or will the divisions seen developing in the House spread to the Senate.

C-SPAN should get more interesting now with the comedian on the floor.  Franken may provide some well needed humor breaks once debate begins on H. 2545 and as we continue to see this onslaught of madness in Washington.

What else are we going to do between now and Nov. 2010.  Raise hell and complain just to watch our representatives not listen to us.

I am immediately reminded of Charles Gonzalez [D, TX] who said last week he went against his constituents that called on him to vote no.  Oh yeah, and our very own Bob Inglis [R, SC-4] who decided that the people got this one wrong and voted for TARP.

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  • SCHotline Staff

    What we found most interesting is the fact that 70% plus of the people said not just no but hell no to the GM bailout. And then at the end of the day congress did exactly as you point out… They did not listen to the people.