Who is Kelly Payne?

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Kelly Payne "IT Kids" Coordinator

Kelly Payne "IT Kids" Coordinator

We have been seeing the name Kelly Payne pop up all over the place over the past few weeks and over the last year.  After seeing all the buzz on FITSNews and a plug from Earl Capps, we had to check her out.

So after tracking her down on Facebook (actually, she tracked me down a few weeks ago promoting the “IT Kids“) and a few Facebook messages, we were able to catch up with Kelly for a few minutes yesterday and ask her a few questions and learn more about her.  For those of you who have not had the privilege to talk to her, you will immediately find that she is a pleasure to talk with.

Kelly received her B.A. from the University of South Carolina in 1991 with a major in Political Science and History.  In 2005, she received her Master’s degree in Social Studies with distinguished honors.  She is currently a teacher at Dutch Fork High School and working throughout the summer with South Carolina Policy Council.

Payne also coordinated the efforts to get the Alive at 25 program active in South Carolina and has established “The Den of Payne” in her civics class at Dutch Fork High School.  “The Den of Payne” has attracted various state leaders including, Nikki Haley, Gov. Mark Sanford, SC House Speaker Bobby Harrell, Attorney General Henry McMaster and many more.

So, the begging question, is she running for Superintendent of Education?

As of now, she will neither confirm nor deny the rumors abroad that she is running.  She has confirmed that multiple activists have approached her and encouraged her to consider running though.

Tell us what you think!

We have just received word that a Draft Kelly Payne Facebook Group has been created.

Why Did DHSG Drop Jeffrey’s Campaign?

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Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

We learned July 1st that DHSG dropped Christina Jeffrey’s campaign for Congress.  A month later we are still searching for the true reason and we will put it to you to figure out.

We spoke with Kerry Wood at Dark Horse Strategy Group and he stated that a lack of confidentiality and a refusal to sign a contract were the leading causes for their separation.  Kerry refused to go into details in respect of his relationship with Jeffrey.

In an email we received from Jeffrey, she confirms that DHSG did drop her campaign but they were never her consultants.

According to our email records from Dark Horse Strategy and Christina in the months prior to the separation, several indicated that they were organizing and working on projects in regards to her campaign.  The press releases concerning the Keyes events and the press release announcing her candidacy indicates that DHSG was consulting her campaign.

But if you don’t trust my reporting, then let us go to the Herald Journal’s Craig Peters:

Jeffrey has hired Kerry Wood as campaign manager and consultant. Wood most recently managed Shane Martin’s successful run for the S.C. Senate 13 seat.

Spartanburg Herald Journal – 1/24/2009 – Jeffrey says she’ll challenge Inglis in 2010 GOP primary

We decided we would go visit the all telling FEC Data.  If she is following the rules, we should find something in her reporting.

According to Wood, he claims he was working with Jeffrey on her campaign starting in the last quarter of 2008. FEC records reveals that Dark Horse Strategy received $1870 from the campaign in the 7 months he was working with her.  She also paid 2 other organizations $2500 for consulting services.

In other notes:
Andrew Smart dropped out of the race and endorsed Trey Gowdy for the seat.  We learned about this rumor late in June but we were never able to confirm it.  We wish Andrew and Julie the best as they continue on with their lives.  I don’t expect Andrew to be missing long.

Inglis has yet to publically call on Sen. David Thomas to take a leave of absense or take part time pay while serving as a State Senator.  On June 1st, Inglis called on Gowdy to take a leave of absense or part time pay while campaigning.

Sen. David Thomas is further looking into Gov. Mark Sanford “trysts”.  It was reported that only 1 Senator attended his hearing on July 24th, himself.

Dr. Fishbone a real “Catch”

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I had the opportunity to eat at a brand new restaurant Thursday night in Florence, “Dr. Fishbone”, and from the time I walked in though the door I knew it was going to be a great experience. The smell of fried shrimp and cornbread arose and lightened my senses and made me realize just how hungry I was.

The restaurant is themed around the cookbook that was created over two years ago “Cooking and Fishing with Dr. Fishbone,” which has a variety of recipes from all over the great state of South Carolina. Southern collard greens, lace fried cornbread, and chicken bog are just the beginning of what the book has to offer. The cookbook is divided into sections including Little Food, Soups and Stews, Sides and Casseroles, Big Food, Biscuits and Breads, Sumptin Sweet and Other Stuff. There is even a section called Cookin Big which gives complete instructions for barbecuing a pig and your basic oyster roast.

I had many decisions to make when deciding what I wanted to eat, but since I have a shellfish allergy it broke down the options a little bit more. For starters we had hand breaded fried green tomatoes with a special dipping sauce on the side. The main entree was a real treat, as I had stone ground yellow grits with cheese and fresh fried catfish. There was also broccoli cornbread in the shape of a fish on the side that melted in your mouth with each bite that you took. There was something different about the food, and it was a good something. I think it may have been the fact that everything had been hand prepared and was market fresh which is what made the difference.

I am recommending this restaurant to everyone, even if you don’t like fish or seafood there are other items to suit your taste buds. Everything from salads to seafood are prepared at Dr. Fishbone, you pick what will make your taste buds sing!

Gaffney Peach Festival Parade 2009

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I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend the Gaffney Peach Festival Parade in Gaffney, South Carolina. People began to line the streets at 8:00am when the parade didn’t begin until 9:30am and when it did begin there were a lot of people. If I had to estimate, I would guess that there were around 1,000 plus people there lined up all along the streets.

There were three political figures that were in the parade and this really surprised me, Senator Lindsey Graham, Councilman Ken Ard running for Lt. Governor and Alan Wilson for Attorney General. Graham was riding in a yellow convertible BMW, while Ken Ard and Alan Wilson rode in the back of their trucks with their guests. The Ken Ard campaign had balloons and t-shirts that were handed out throughout the parade; by the time they left every child had a blue or green balloon.

The amount of candidates running for office in 2010 in the parade really shocked me; where were the gubernatorial candidates and the rest of the lieutenant governor candidates. With the recent events that have occurred in Gaffney I was sure that these candidates would have made a showing to show that they support Gaffney and are that they are there for the people. Henry McMaster was at the Water Festival in Beaufort, SC, but everyone else no one is sure where they were.

Fifth Candidate in the Lt. Governor’s Race

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News flash: SC Rep Tim Scott, 1st African American Republican member of SC General Assembly is running for SC Lt. Governor.

State Rep Tim Scott of North Charleston, is the most recent candidate to enter the very crowded Lt. Governor’s race in South Carolina which includes Ralph Norman, Rep. Ted Pitts, Bill Connor and Councilman Ken Ard.

Rep Tim Scott is an ally of Governor Sanfords and is the first African American to be elected since reconstruction.

Also rumored to be contemplating a bid in the Lt. Governors race is Mike Campbell.

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