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In a perfect world everyone would be happy, healthy and we would not have to worry about going to the doctor or medical expenses.   Our country, no matter what else we think or feel, is still the best country in the world, although it is not perfect.   Unlike what you have heard or been hearing  there is no great unwashed mass that do not have insurance available to them.  In our  country of 250 million people only 45.7 million people were not insured at one time or another in 2007.  Folks, that is only 18% of the population.

There is no doubt that our health care industry is not messed up and that the insurance companies do make it worse.  I do believe like most people that the health care system could be tweaked to work better.

According to research of the 45.7 million who did not at some point have insurance last year 26% of those did not choose to accept a form of public coverage.  That reduces the number of people uninsured by 11.88 million.

Another 21% that are not insured are immigrants here legally or illegally.  So that once again reduces our uninsured number by 9.59 million.  For those of you keeping count that brings our total uninsured to 24.23 million.

The next group is actually the one most hurt by a lack of insurance.  20% of the uninsured make at least $75,000 but are not offered insurance by their company.  These individuals actually make enough to afford private insurance, but can not get it becasue of a health situation.   Subtracting this 9.14 million from the total leaves us with 15.09 million uninsured.

The last group that we have is made up of the younger generation.  40% of the uninsured either consider themselves healthy or do not have it available to them.

Now that we know who is not insured and how their groups are divided does it help us find a cure for the uninsured.  No, but now that it is known what the groups are, does it sound so horrifying that 10 million of the people not insured (and I feel that is incredibly low based on the number of illegals in our country) are immigrants legal and illegal.

Our country was not founded to give free health care to all of us.  It is simply not feasible to expect it, those who know the truth realize that our country is responsible for protecting our borders, not providing health insurance.  If we can get real torte reform that will help lower overall cost of health care.  If we don’t allow illegal immigrants to make use of our facilities illegally that would also decrease our cost.  If we could all step back and take a look at the situation we would realize that the government is not the one that should be running our insurance.  If you need more proof simply look at how Medicare and the VA are run.

If the goverment can not take care of the men and women who have protected us why would we think they could take care of our health needs.  I hope that these measures are not passed and that we can find a diffrent way to help those who trully need help.

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  • Michael S. Smith II


    I’m fairly certain the official “guestimate” for “legal residents” in the U.S. was 300 million, not 250 million, in 2006 — in which case the percentage of Americans not covered by insurance would have been slightly lower than your calculation reveals.

    All the best,


    Read the latest from THE PALMETTO TIMES: “A Dystopian Future in Disguise: What to Expect from ObamaCare” at

    • Ron J

      Thank you Michael, according to the US Census Bureau the official population is 306,769,646 as of 6/26/09. The US Census site is
      Knowing the population and using the same number of uninsured, 45.7 million that means that there were only alittle over 14% of the population uninsured.

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  • Kurt

    I don’t expect free health care.

    I would like access to healthcare at an amount I could pay.

    For me to buy a private healthcare plan that covered the health issues that I and my family have, I’d have to spend over 50,000 dollars a year.

    That doesn’t suprise me too much, as my actual health expenses (if I paid the amount charged initially to my insurance) would be from 30,000-80,000 a year.

    I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh, he must be real sick.” I have diabetes. My kid has pretty bad athsma. Not exactly

    So essentially, I HAVE to work at a job with a group health insurance plan. I can never start my own business. I can never work somewhere without group coverage. In fact, most places won’t cover my diabetes.

    7.8 percent of the population in the US have diabetes.

    I’m not asking for free healthcare… but I’d like for the goverment to allow me to BUY into existing health plans they offer. The average per-person cost of Medicare (the one where government pays as opposed to letting you on a private plan) is 2000-2500 dollars per person. This is less then what private insurers pay out, and medicare is made up of the elderly and disabled… not the healthiest groups in the US.

    Let me buy in at that rate. I can swing 6000 dollars a year for health coverage much easier then I can swing 50,000.

    I want the government to provide universal ACCESS to healthcare. Give me an option of paying to be a part of a large government group plan (with correspondings savings) as opposed to searching for an individual plan for just me that won’t cover my actual illness.

  • Ron J

    I am sorry maybe I missed something, but do you currently have insurance and yet want to be taxed more to have the Goverment give you access to worse health care. Do you know anything about how our VA is run. If you do alittle research I believe you will see that the countries who have access to “free” goverment care are not happy with it. As far as the $6000 amount you are quoting is that what you think you will pay out of pocket. I have personally not seen it posted anywhere how much it will cost. I do know that everyones taxes will go up and that the group plan you are currently enrolled in probably cost less than that to you anyway. Most employers pay a majority of group health care plans. I am sorry you can not find affordable healthcare but I do not feel that my taxes and or anyones elses should go up so that you may try to go out and start your own company. Besides that if you go out and start your own company you can get your own group plan and be insured. Good luck Kurt

    • Kurt

      No, I want the option to BUY into medicare. I’m not talking about the Obama plan (which I personally think isn’t enough of a step to have a positive effect), but rather I’m saying that instead of adding ANY taxes, people in the US should be allowed to buy medicare coverage at the average cost per person (which is about 7000 dollars for a family of 4… I lowered it to 6000 for my 3-person family).

      Would I choose that over my current group plan through my employer? No. Would I like the option to start my own business and buy it? Yes. I’ve turned down multiple opportunities because I DON’T have a viable healthcare option aside from working for large companies with group plans.

      And I’ve done lots of research. If I had the choice I’d go with the French system… but i’m realistic enough to know that won’t fly in the US. I’m offering a low to no cost option of allowing people to buy into a US government healthcare system if they don’t already qualify for one of the myriad of health plans already offered by the US government. Poor people already get medicaid… it’s the working middle class with health issues that get screwed by the current setup. Give them the option to spend their OWN money to buy into a group plan the government ALREADY administers at the average cost. No extra cost to the taxpayer… and the problem of universal access is solved.

      Ideally, I’d put everyone who qualifies for government healthcare on medicare so we had a single administration rather than the multitude we have now. Currently, Medicare is administered by the US government, Medicaid is funded by the US government but administered by individual states, and Tricare (active military), VHA and IHS are all administered by separate bureaucracies. Combine all of these into one “medicare” administration, make all federal employees be part of the system as well (including senators and presidents and such) and allow private individuals to buy in at cost. We’d save tons in administration costs, we’d save hospitals tons in administration costs, and we’d solve the issue of universal ACCESS to healthcare.

      • Ron J

        First of all back to my original note, you currently have insurance and would rather we pay your portion. You want to buy into a program which is not working and is a drain on our economy. You say you have already done research and know what it would cost to have private insurance, and that is great. So you know that it would cost you $50,000 for private insurance and you want to pay $6000-$7000 for your health care thru Medicare. Where exactly do you think the rest of the money it will cost to insure you is gonna come from except for others to pick up the tab. You say you have had to turn down other oppurtunities, but have you ever thought about paying for your healthcare on your own. You can pay out of pocket and typically pay less for most things, i.e. Dr visits and hospitals. As far as wanting a socialist plan like France you have got to be kidding me. Do you actually know of any people who say I am going to France to get my meds or have a surgery. I can help you here, the answer is NO. Most foriegn people in the medical field come to the US to practice the do not go to other countries. People do not run to Canada ot have surgery, they come to the US. So no I do not want a French plan.
        I do agree that people in the middle class get screwed. I however see it two diffrent ways. I have experience in the medical and insurance field. So I do know about trying to get coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. Those things do need better regulation but you can not expect companies to take a risk without having a chance to cover the cost if there is something major happens. The part I do disagree with once again is that the money to cover individuals in your plan would still cost more than $6000-$7000 a year. And if it cost more who covers the cost.