Shocked! Sanford Admits Affair

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South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

Sanford meets the press today and drops a huge bombshell.

After 5 days of the Governor’s absence and questioning who is in charge, Governor Mark Sanford announced he was in Argentina for the past few days and that he had been having an affair with an Argentine woman for the last year.

We will definitely be thinking of his family and the steps they will be taking to move forward during these tough times.

Sanford announced his resignation from the Republican Governor’s Association and was asked if he would be resigning as Governor of SC.  Sanford spokesman responded with a no.

There are rumors afloat that there may be moves in the State House to impeach Sanford.  Their issue is that he has been out of the country and did not provide a means for the legislature or leadership to contact him in case of an emergency.

Over the past several years, there has been a movement to get more fiscally conservative individuals into positions of power in the state.  That is individuals with ideologies similar to Mark Sanford.  How will those candidates now be portrayed.  Is this the needed event to allow the blue wave to continue into South Carolina?

Conservatism in South Carolina may have taken a huge blow, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

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UPDATE 5:02pm
The Garnet Spy makes case for the resignation of the Governor.

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  • Ron J

    This is terrible, I feel for the man and his family. I am also very disappointed. He was a true hope for a brighter future in goverment. I hate that this ruins any chance that he will have at any futher positions. This was not a bombshell to his wife or family, so it only makes you wonder what is going on in their home life, ie a divorce or seperation. Either way our thoughts and prayers should be with the man nad his family. I hope that he finds his way thru this and can be a brighter light for Republicans in the future and for his family.

  • Name

    Big deal if he had an affair. That’s his business, not ours. Pretty stupid to disappear like that but not that big of a deal.

  • Ilona Urban Blakeley

    Several thoughts come to mind. First, this is very sad and disappointing. And yes, shocking. I’ve been a Mark Sanford fan and appreciate his stand against the Federal Tyrants. So sad for he and his family. I hope they can mend.

    Second, Jake Knotts, who has been quite vocal about this, is nothing more than a judgmental big mouth. He needs to shut his mouth or go stuff it with more food! If the truth be told, more than likely EVERY ONE of those judgey legislators has secrets. Perhaps they think they’ve never “fallen short”. They’d better not be so bold to judge–it might come back to bit THEM in the backside!

    Third, last summer I attended Campaign Manager’s school, and learned some very enlightening strategies about handling these sorts of things; and Governor Sanford handled it exactly as he should have. He fessed up. No one “outed” him. People are more likely to forgive if a situation is handled as Governor Sanford handled it; that is, fess up, accept the scorn of the self righteous, be genuinely remorseful and transparent.

    We may be in pain because of our disappointment, but our so called “pain” is NOTHING compared to what the Governor’s going through right now.

    The Bible says, what is done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. At the risk of repeating myself about the judgey legislators, many have plenty to hide too. How many of them will come to “confession”? Not many. How many of them do you think are liars and deceivers? More than any of us wants to know about. How many live in a secret fear they’ll be “outed” for some indiscretion? You’d be surprised.

    No one ought to be pointing fingers here!

    By the beginning of the next session, all this will be behind the Governor. Hopefully, his family will have had some private time to heal. I’m praying for them.

  • Amanda Moore

    I completely agree with Ilona Blakeley.
    He who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    Yes, this was an unwelcome surprise but it is not going to change his ability to be a good governor. He did not try to make excuses or blame Jenny for being unsupportive, He didn’t talk about being pushed to the brink of destruction by some unseen hand. He stepped up to the plate. I believe we should look into these big mouth politicians who are pointing fingers and see what we can find.

  • BrianFrank

    “They” abducted him and now he might agree with the Federal Government? because of the Stimulas money and the Real ID! Now because they have probably threatened him, he will agree with everything Obama says!

  • Joshua McElrath

    Yes, of course, we all have sin in our lives. We all have secrets. However, we all are not the governor of a state. What happended to where much is given much is required? Men of power, whether it be a president, governor, pastor, manager, etc. should remember that people are depending on you. I am tired of being let down. No, I am not casting stones. It just would have been nice to have a strong, conservative, Christian leader who took pride in his family and in his state. Unfortunately, he took more pride in his lust.

  • LarrysGrip

    It is with a deep sense of sadness and a breached trust that I learned the news of Gov. Mark Sanford’s infidelity. The truth is that thoughts, words and actions matter. Yes, Mark and Jenny can find a healed marriage. The price Gov. Sanford and his family are paying is more than can be counted. He is repenting. I choose to forgive him. I urge you to give this precious fractured family, SC and the GOP time to rebuild without hyper critical talk. Let’s encourage personal responsibility and do our own part. Keep YOUR heart…

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  • Kurt

    I’m glad to see all the people who think Sanford should remain as governor and that you are hoping his family will heal.

    I would just like to know though… how many of you feel like John Edwards deserves the same consideration. And if not… can you explain why?