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Apparently Reagan’s 11th commandment is gone completely out the window.

The Palmetto Scoop’s Adam Fogle took to the national airwaves today on CNN and took shots at Governor Sanford.

“…he has this pattern of somewhat erratic behavior, this I would say raises the bar on all of that.”

Now I realize Sanford has made a huge mistake in this weekend getaway, but to go on the air and comment that the Governor has a pattern of erratic behavior is absurd.

The Indigo Journal had made a similar reference earlier in the day and I don’t know the question that Fogle was asked on CNN, but it definitely appears that some individuals in this state are working to destroy the Governor and any vested interest or hope he may have to run for President.

But just as politics in South Carolina goes, someone has to be destroyed.

I guess Sanford’s recent loss in the stimulus battle was not enough tarnish for Fogle who supported taking the stimulus money.  If I remember correctly, Fogle even created a commercial urging the governor to take the stimulus money.

We want to ask you, what exactly is Fogle trying to accomplish by humiliating the governor?

Shocked! Sanford Admits Affair

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  • billy White

    Andre Bauer was “outed” by a lesbian SC politician. I think this is his way of changing the subject.

    Fogle works for a political consulting firm. Enough said.

  • James

    Here’s my guess: Fogle is connected with Richard Quinn’s consulting firm and Henry McMaster’s campaign for governor. He’s made no secret on his blog that he supports McMaster. It is also pretty clear that Sanford is boosting Haley publically even before he does the official endorsement thing. Get where I’m going with this…

  • rick beltram

    Have you followed your own advice?


  • BrianFrank

    Maybe Mark Sanford was abducted and in a few days he will tell eveyone that he would love to take the Stimulas Money and he will agree will the Federal Government from now on!

    Who care where Sanford went, he needs a vacation every once in a while!

  • Snead

    I think James wins.

    Also, being considered credible is a wet dream for Wheels so an appearance on CNN might actually lead him to believe his self-proclaimed title of “editor” is legit. If I remember correctly, CNN did not identify him as an employee at a political consulting firm, a big mistake for them. But, if you’re looking to cable news for your information, good luck.

  • Earl Capps

    Given the attacks, lies, and outright character assasination that Sanford and his camp employs without hesistation, it’s fair game. Regrettable, but nothing worse than the other side loves to sling.


    “We want to ask you, what exactly is Fogle trying to accomplish by humiliating the governor?”

    Boy, does this question seem strange now, given that Sanford just admitted he was having an extramarital affair in Argentina. He was being erratic because he was cheating on his wife.

  • BrianFrank

    “They” abducted him and now he might agree with the Federal Government? because of the Stimulas money and the Real ID! Now because they have probably threatened him, he will agree with everything Obama says!

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