Jim DeMint is Coming to Spartanburg

June 20, 2009 by  
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Jim DeMint will be coming to Spartanburg on July 2nd for a book signing at Costco starting at 3pm.

He is promoting his latest book “Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism

Check back for details.

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  • James

    Interesting…I’m already planning on reding the book, and I’ll probably go to see the Senator and get him to sign a copy.

    But does anyone else think it’s kinda weird that THIS is what Jim DeMint is choosing to do on his visit to a city that he happens to represent? I can understand someone like Mike Huckabee coming to Sam’s for a book-signing (which he did recently), but this is OUR senator. Shouldn’t he be showing up in Spartanburg to do a town hall, or tour some company or hospital, or at the least speak to a GOP club or Rotary Club meeting? This is kind of standard operating procedure for Senators to meet with their constituents…not doing book-signings for financial gain in the state they happen to represent. Just seems kinda strange, you know what I am saying. I just hope his staff puts together a full schedule for Spartanburg with several public events other than a book signing.

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