Dean Allen Announces Campaign for Adjutant General

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Dean Allen for Adjutant General

Dean Allen for Adjutant General

We received an email this evening from Dean Allen announcing his candidacy for SC Adjutant General.

SC Adjutant General is the only Adjutant General elected in the nation.  Vermont’s state legislature elects their Adjutant General and the Adjutant General is appointed by the governor in the rest of the nation.

For those of you curious about the reformation process Sanford is pushing for, there is a bill in the state house to make the next Adjutant General an appointed position (H. 3275).

Allen says he will focus his work on ensuring our state guard has the proper ICE qualifications to handle illegal immigration and and better prepare our guard to handle a natural disaster (hurricanes).  Allen also wants to increase the size of our state guard by 300% (state guardsmen are unpaid) in the event troops are called up overseas or out of state to ensure they can handle the tasks prescribed by them in the state.

It is presumed that Allen will face Adjutant General Stan Spears in the June 2010 primary.

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