The Race for the Fightin’ Fourth – Part 4

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Jim Lee, Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District

Jim Lee, Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District

This is the fourth segment in a series of interviews for known candidates that are entering the 4th District Congressional Race.  No portion of this article or the following articles in this series represents an endorsement made by Gary Coats or The Conservativist.

On Friday, May 29th, 2009, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lee and talk about his campaign at the new Chipotle Mexican Grill on Woodruff Rd.  During our three hour discussion, Jim shared with me his positions on the issues, why he is running, and what he has to offer the other candidates do not.  Don’t worry, we’re going to go back to the rest of the candidates and ask them the same question.


Jim Lee, 48, earned degrees from Hibert College in NY and Phoenix University in data processing and information science.  He has been married to his wife Laurie, for 29 years, and has 5 children.  Jim is a reservist in the USAF and has ~30 years experience in information technology, ranging from software development to leadership and consulting positions.

Jim served 2 years on the school board in NY before resigning to move to South Carolina (job related).

Jim began considering a run for Congress in 2008.  He said that the changes in Congress were saddling our children with a tyranny of debt that they will never be able to repay and quickly removing the people’s rights.

“Washington, to me, is a perfect illustration of Einstein’s definition of insanity”

How do Republicans Regain Control

There is nothing wrong with the Constitution or the party’s platform.  The republicans have been getting their rear ends kicked because they are not acting like republicans.  If our candidates do not believe in the principles found in our platform and Constitution, maybe they are in the wrong party.


The general topic of immigration has a negative connotation.  Immigration is actually a beautiful function of our government.  It is the federal governments responsibility to control it.  Illegal immigration is a totally different subject.  I am totally against illegal immigration.  You cannot cross the boarders of our country, any country, without the appropriate documentation.

The root problem is the federal governments lax enforcement of its existing immigration laws.  If they were enforced, we would not be having the discussion about the social programs illegal immigrants are consuming.

Growth of Government

Jim stated the size of our government is not just because of Obama’s stimulus and spending.  Republicans have been spending for years, supporting the fact that republicans have not been acting like republicans.

Inglis stated that the government does big projects well such as the Manhattan Project and the Interstate System.  Mr. Lee argues though that these projects were within the scope of the federal government granted by the Constitution.  The Constitution states that the federal government is to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.  Not provide for the general welfare as our past and current leadership so believe.

“The Federal Government has demonstrated time and time again that they do not do big things well, fast.”

Social Security

The are 3 things wrong with social security; it established a dependency on the government, the Congress has raided the social security funds and the money is no longer there, and for 35 years, Congress has been kicking a can with no solution.

Lee believes the can is about to go over the edge.  His solution.  Begin eliminating social security in an orderly fashion.  If you are 35 years of age or younger, the government will cut them a tax free check and allow those individuals to invest the money as they see fit with the understanding that once you retire, you are on your own.  It’s called personal responsibility.


All of the current solutions being offered are government led.  Inglis’ is predisposed to a government led solution.  Whatever solution we create, it needs to be a patient centered patient led solution.


We asked Jim if we should still be in Iraq.  Jim believes that since we broke it, we should be fixing it.  Jim stated that we invited the insurgency in Iraq.  In WWII, we quickly dearmed the Germans and Japanese, something we did not do in Iraq.

Congress has a responsibility to bring the war to a closure if it is illegal or the the President has not made the case to continue operations via Article 1 Section 8.12 of the Constitution.

Jim stated he would support a time table for withdrawal but would be hesitant to publish this time line due to the requirements of military strategy.


We need leadership in Congress.  Fiscal discipline should start in the House.  If earmarks were simple requests that were debated and inserted, earmarks would be considered.  The current system is flawed.

So, we had to ask if Jim would support an earmark for 85/385 interchange improvements?  Jim’s response:

“I would introduce a bill to be debated to obtain the funding for improvements to the I-85/I-385 interchange.”


Jim supports H.R. 1207 (Audit Federal Reserve), Enumerated Powers Act, and zero based budgeting reviews for all government agencies.

What do you Offer?

Based on the potential candidates, I am the candidate of “We the People”.  My experiences allow me to bring a unique perspective to the 4th Congressional District.  I am not a professional politician, I do not have deep pockets.  I represent “We the People” and it is time for different representation in DC.  I am clear and candid.  I say what I mean and mean what I say.


We think Jim Lee is the sleeper in this race.  I am reminded of James K. Polk, the “darkhorse” candidate for President in the 1830’s.  Jim is very thoughtful and does not appear to suffer from kneejerk’s disease.  Some may consider his candidacy a joke, based on money, but Jim may have the humor and humility to sneak in a steal a large portion of the electorate.  As of now, Jim has not hired a consultant and is running the campaign himself.

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  • LarrysGrip

    Sleeper, eh? “We the people” are WIDE AWAKE looking for the candidates who understand “we the people,” support the SC GOP Platform and want to work together.

    Jim Lee will be a featured speaker, Thursday, July 23, 6:57pm at the West View-B GOP Precinct Party in Spartanburg. It’s a Grand Freedom Celebration. All you patriots can join us at Westside Library meeting room along with others in our GOP network to hear Jim Lee.

    Thank you, Gary, for sharing your interview with us. It is a very helpful introduction. Consider yourself invited to the Grand Freedom Celebration July 23.