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Bob Inglis begins firing shots over the Gowdy bow.  Gowdy launches torpedoes.

Bob Inglis begins firing shots over the Gowdy bow. Gowdy responds with torpedoes in the water.

Yesterday, Congressman Bob Inglis [R, SC – 4], earned himself another opponent for his re-election bid in 2010.

The already packed field was joined by 7th Circuit Solicitor Trey Gowdy of Spartanburg.  But this article isn’t about Gowdy.  It will be up later today.

I have issues with a press release issued by the Inglis campaign yesterday.  The original press release can be found here, excerpts are below.

Inglis to Gowdy: Take a leave of absence or take part-time pay

Greenville, SC – U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) said today that Trey Gowdy should either take a leave of absence from his job as 7th Circuit Solicitor or take part time pay.

“In these tight budget times when public employees are being furloughed, it doesn’t seem right to keep your full time pay when you’re going to be doing part-time work,” Inglis said. “Both times I ran for Congress while practicing law, my law firm paid me only on the basis of production. That’s the way it works in the private sector; it should work that way in the government sector. Trey should either take a leave of absence or turn in time sheets for part time pay.”

You may be asking yourself right now what is Gary’s problem.  What is wrong with this?  Here is my issue.

I support Inglis’ stance on Gowdy taking part time pay or a leave of absense if he is not performing his duties full time.  This will need to be analyzed later.  What I take issue with his when Inglis decides this is an issue.

For 24 months, 10 of those during tough economic times, Senators Brownback, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, McCain, Obama, and Representatives Hunter, Kucinich, Paul, Tancredo and Gov. Richardson all campaigned full time missing votes in their respective offices and Congressman Inglis didn’t bother to mention or call into question their absences then.

Gowdy was quick to point this out too!  Today’s Herald Journal article highlights those positions when Inglis ran for Senate in ’98, DeMint for Senate in ’04, and Graham for Senate in ’02.

Which leads me to believe this is a PR stunt.  It only matters to him, now that it directly affects him.

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  • April

    I think it is interesting to hear that Gowdy is being attacked for his “lack of work ethic” when it remains to be seen if he’s not going to be able to get the job done and be in Inglis’ words “productive” while he is running for a different office. Perhaps Gowdy already has a plan of action and hasn’t been given a chance to put it into place. It seems to me that someone is a little worried about their own job security in these tough economic times.

  • Fort Liberty

    I find it odd that Bob will call for Trey to have a cut in pay because he is campaigning. The reality is that Bob should take a pay-cut not only when he is campaigning, but when he is working in Washington as well. He speaks of furloughed and cut government jobs…if he took a pay-cut, perhaps some individuals could keep their jobs.

  • Pot meet kettle

    Why doesn’t Inglis take reduced pay? Will he not have to campaign while having a job as a full-time Congressman? Won’t campaigning take away from his ability to be a Congressman if it takes away from Gowdy being a Solicitor?

  • Richard

    Bob should know it’s not uncommon for an attorney to be paid on the basis of production. He says that’s how it should work in the government sector as well when a public official is campaigning. Has he ever used this standard on himself? In 2008 and other years Bob attended a variety of purely campaign stops (debates, forums, speeches) that even took place between the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm. Did he or his staff get a time sheet and figure out how much to reimburse the taxpayers for the time spent during the work day campaigning?

    Also it’s no secret that even going back to his 1998 Senate campaign against Fritz Hollings that Bob Inglis has used staffers from his congressional office to be his drivers and aides at campaign trail events. I wonder if he paid them through his campaign account and reimbursed the taxpayers for the time his official district office staff spends on the campaign trail?

  • charlotte watchdog

    Since you are working for one of the canidates in this race, your opionion piece should be considered by your readers as a conflict of interest.
    “that is why we have watchdogs”


  • Fort Liberty

    Regardless of who Gary is working for…the facts present themselves that Bob’s request is ignorant seeing how he is also a public servant, and should also take a pay-cut during campaign time seeing how 1/2 of his time is dedicated to the campaign rather than working for his constituents.

  • charlotte watchcog

    It was picked up in Charlotte,NC today that your are moving to HD #38 to run against Joey Millwood.
    Any truth to that conversation?


    • Gary Coats

      Guess I need to talk to my Realtor about privacy issues, since we have only been shopping for 3 days.

      Especially if I want to run, there are too many people smelling the blood in the water concerning Parker’s seat (HD 37).

      • charlotte watchcog

        So who wants to run in HD#37?


  • Michael

    Hmmm…I am beginning to think I know the identity of this “charlotte watchdog”…

    • charlotte watchdog

      If you have a list of the Mecklenburg County GOP members, then you might guess correctly. BIG HINT.


  • Truth

    Charlotte, u seem to know an awful lot about Gary and his doings. You seem very bitter towards Gary and the new leadership in Spartanburg. And that has been evident across many blogs you frequent regularly.

    I am also seeing you spout off many of Beltrams talking points across many blogs.

    And you seem very concerned about where Gary is going politically and making sure everyone knows.

    All of this leads me to believe that you are in fact Rick Beltram.

  • Truth

    Oh, I did a quick google search for “charlotte watchdog” and this name only appears in South Carolina blogs. I didn’t find one in NC as of 6:30 on June 7th.

    Charlotte, why are you so concerned with SC politics and not the blue movement in NC?

  • Michael

    Truth–I just Googled it too. You are very right. CW is clearly RB. I thought he was starting a PAC to support “moderate” Repubs in SC. He hasn’t exiled himself to Charlotte the way Kevin Geddings did in 2003 has he?

  • charlotte watchdog

    I like what Wayne King is doing in NC. No need to comment. The NCGOP has learned the tough way. However, in SC, I see that some huge mistakes will haunt your 2010 elections.
    I will see Mike Huckabee on Thursday in NC (near Charlotte). What big names do you have coming to SC? You guys made big changes but I see very little positive action/results. Why?
    Did you see the news reports that Raleigh is getting a billion dollar Apple plant and TN is getting a billion dollar VW plant and finally GA is getting a huge KIA plant. What are you guys getting for all the rhetoric?


    • James

      I hear what you are saying about big names not coming to SC, but where are they really going at this point? A few have gone to VA for McDonnell’s campaign for governor, but that’s about it with the exception of this Huckabee thin in KIngs Mtn. area. But Sburg has only had a new chair for a few short months, and the national figures are not coming to any counties in SC yet. I assume as the 2010 state races in SC get ramped up we will start seeing people like Romney, Jindal, Huckabee, Palin, Barbour, etc. make their treks here. If the Sburg GOP is unable to attract any of these headliners at that point, then your criticism would make more sense.

      • Truth

        Which is why I believe CW is Rick Beltram.

        All he has done is talk negatively of the Spartanburg GOP since he was ousted in April. It has become his own personal mission to take it down. See just a few examples below

        In his press release to TPS and HJ on his defeat, he said the party had gone to far to the right.

        He is forming his own PAC for moderate republicans.

        • James

          Has the former Spartanburg GOP chair de-camped to North Carolina now? Rumors…

  • rick beltram

    I am still here in Spartanburg.
    Please come to our first breakfast club meeting:

    Saturday June 20th 9AM
    Breakfast buffet: $7.00/person inclusive
    call for reservations: 864-582-1717
    OPEN to ALL
    office staffed 8AM-5PM on most days.

    All the rest of your above rumors are very interesting but very wrong.
    Thank you.

    Rick Beltram

    • James

      Rick–you forgot to list the location of the breakfast.

      • rick beltram

        Country Hearth……

        Did you not get the e-mail and letters?

        Please offer us your address.

        Thank you.


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