No Term Limits for President?

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Repeal the 22 amendment?

Repeal the 22 amendment?

I visited New York City once last year and fell in love with it. The constant buzz, fine dining, great baseball, the largest Apple Store in the world and really having everything at your fingertips.  Well, everything besides my car.

With all this said though, the NY representation is really beginning to cause me great concern.  Yesterday, we reported on Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D, NY-4] bill, H.R. 2401, that would prevent individuals from buying guns if they were on the “do not fly list”.  We have Sen. Schumer and his handy work in the financial sector, and then there was today.

Today we discovered a bill that was introduced by Rep. José Serrano [D, NY-16], who represents the Bronx, that moves to repeal the 22nd amendment to the Constitution, H. J. RES. 5.  For those of you short on Constitutional knowledge, the 22nd amendment was established after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, setting term limits for the Presidency.  It was designed…wait for it…to prevent tyranny.

Jefferson wrote in 1807:

“if some termination to the services of the chief Magistrate be not fixed by the Constitution, or supplied by practice, his office, nominally four years, will in fact become for life.”

Thomas Jefferson: Reply to the Legislature of Vermont, 1807. ME 16:293

So we decided to look at who else tried to repeal the 22nd amendment.  Below you will find 27 blatant attempts to repeal the 22 amendment in the last 20 years.  3 of the 27 were restructuring of the terms limits.

Sponsor Year Bill Comments
Guy Vander Jagt 1989 H. R. 404
Guy Vander Jagt 1989 H. J. RES. 84
Frank Guarini 1989 H. J. RES. 176 Called for one six year term for the President.
David O’B Martin 1989 H. J. RES. 264 120 Cosponsors
Jack Brooks 1989 H. J. RES. 6 Called for one six year term for the President.
Harry Reid 1989 S. J. RES. 36 1 cosponsor
Guy Vander Jagt 1991 H. J. RES. 61 14 cosponsors
Martin Sabo 1991 H. J. RES. 101 16 cosponsors
Peter DeFazio 1992 H. J. RES. 554 this was a true term limits resolution
Michael McNulty 1993 H. J. RES. 107 2 cosponsors
Barney Frank 1995 H. J. RES. 68 1 cosponsor
Mitch McConnell 1995 S. J. RES. 23 1 cosponsor
Steny Hoyer 1995 H. J. RES. 81 10 cosponsors
Michael McNulty 1995 H. J. RES. 71 2 cosponsors
Barney Frank 1997 H. J. RES. 38
David Dreier 1997 H. J. RES. 51
Steny Hoyer 1997 H. J. RES. 88 7 cosponsors
José Serrano 1997 H. J. RES. 19 1 cosponsor
Barney Frank 1999 H. J. RES. 24
José Serrano 1999 H. J. RES. 17 1 cosponsor
José Serrano 2001 H. J. RES. 4
Steny Hoyer 2001 H. J. RES. 39 6 cosponsors
José Serrano 2003 H. J. RES. 11 3 cosponsors
Steny Hoyer 2003 H. J. RES. 25 7 cosponsors
José Serrano 2005 H. J. RES. 9
José Serrano 2007 H. J. RES. 8
José Serrano 2009 H. J. RES. 5

So you tell us, what do you think needs to be done to the 22nd Amendment?

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  • Richard Mahler

    With term limits, Barack is only 2 steps short of being a socialist dictator. However, without them, he will move 1 step closer to the marxist he always wanted to be. God help us Gary…god help us all.

  • Jerry M. Brinkman

    Approximately two years prior to the LAST presidential election, I made the statement that the NEXT Presidential Election will quite possibly become the LAST ELECTION that “We the PEOPLE”; true, patriotic, Christian, Americans will ever know. It has already happened that a Marxist college professor with no true Political experience has been elected to the highest office in our country. He despises our military as shown by his refusal to give the order for the Navy Snipers to fire upon the scumbag pirates who had taken an American vessel and held it’s captain as hostage;, as well as cutting over a billion $$$ from military budgets during a possibly serious crisis with N.

    In 1985, I had a premonition in which I saw another American Revolution, to be fought on American soil within 25 years. At that time I had no idea of the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, HOW etc.. But as time has gone by, more and more things have become clear with things like Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9/11, the Clintonistas, Bush, and now NOBOMMA the Black Mamba! Our constitution is being destroyed as we speak and our sovereignty is being given away to the UN, NAU, and NWO! Our system called THE FED; the illegal monetary printing company which charges our own government interest on the very money it prints, is run by the richest individuals in the world, members of the CFR among others; who have acknowledged that; to put it it in simple terms, SHOW ME WHO CONTROLS THE MONITARY SYSTEM OF A COUNTRY, & I”ll Show you who runs the country! In God’s name, AIM Right-Shoot Straight-&-Live with HONOR & INTEGRITY!!!!! Jerry M. Brinkman, Terre Haute, IN

    • debbie radke

      I also agree with what you foresaw back in 1985. I never saw it until thelast few years though, Obama and his cronies are continually positioning themselves for uninterrupted power over all. I also have been telling my husband for several years that our country cannot continue on this path of self destruction. Prices cannot continue to rise and credit be used to sustain us. Something has got to stop whats happening. NO TERM Limits for president, wouldn’t that just be too convenient.
      We are involved with the 912 project and helped to sponsor a tea party and are fortunate to be involved with people who are still true american patriots. We are fighting to take back our country from the socialist spiral we are in.
      We will do all we can to make people aware of the way our country is losing its American values, and try to help others become aware of whats happening. We have talked to many people recently and the scarey thing is very few are even aware of the precipice we are on at this time. It is frightening, and we have to be willing to fight for our freedoms and christian values. Please help us to inform others its so urgent!
      But back to your statements-sorry about the tangent!
      I also believe we may have a revolution here in the United state of America to keep her united and not Socialist!
      My husband is retired Air force, and I served in the Air Force for 10years. We believe in this country. But are extremely worried about our national security at this time.

      Can’t believe that a we now have a internet/computer security CZAR!

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop N. Korea from its Nuclear experimentation. Just a thought from a everyday citizen. But I guess we have all these so called experts in positions to handle that. Such BS!

  • Kurt

    Just want to point out for the conspiracy theorists out there that several republicans have introduced this sort of thing in the past, including Mitch McConnell.

    The reason republicans have supported such legislation is pretty simple. The belief is that the American people should be allowed to vote for whoever they want to serve as President… even if he’s already served two terms. They view term limits as a restriction on the rights of voters, and an example of “too much” government.

    I don’t feel very strongly about the issue, but it’s clear it’s not one that falls along party lines. It’s more a question of if you think the voting public is smart enough to look after themselves (in which case you are anti-term limit) or if you think they require the government to step in and look after them (in which case you are pro-term limit).

  • Helen Hannie

    It’s so good to hear other Americans feeling the way I do about the horrible things happening in our country in the name of “Change for America.” I pray someone upstairs, and I’m not talking about Obama, will save us! I can’t believe people that I love are falling for this Jim Jones cult following. It’s so sad! I’m glad I’m old, but I feel for my kids and grandkids.

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