H.R. 2401 – More Anti Gun Laws

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MP-5 Automatic Machine Gun

More weapons bans are on the way.

As we have stated before.  We love our guns here at The Conservativist.  So we fight for them.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy [D, NY-4], the 4th was a Republican district until 1997, has introduced bill H.R. 2401 titled the No Fly, No Buy Act of 2009.  This bill, if passed, would alter the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to prevent individuals who are not allowed to board an aircraft from obtaining a weapon.

At first glance, this does not sound all that bad, but we believe this has serious complications.

We have seen many stories in the news about peaceful individuals that have been detained because their names appear on the “do not fly” list.  With so many false positives, how in the world does the government plan on effectively managing another task.   How long will it take you to purchase a hand gun?  Are you going to have to call Congressman Inglis and wait on his staff to clear your name?

Hell, accordingy to Janet Napolitano, anyone who questions the government, supports liberty rights, or veterans could be placed on the no fly list.

The fact of the matter is that the Obama administration appears to be covertly working to take away guns from the people.  Obama claimed he was not going to pursue an assault weapons ban a few weeks ago, but we beg to differ!

Be sure to call your congressman and tell them to vote no on H.R. 2401.

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  • Kurt

    I don’t think this is part of some grand scheme by Obama to take guns away. I think it’s a Democratic house member who wants a slight change to gun legislation. Both Democrats and Republicans propose a lot of bills every year, and I think it’s foolish to think the President is in control of everything proposed by members of his party

    To be perfectly honest… I don’t think Obama cares about guns at all. He’ll sign a bill if it gets to his desk, but he’s not going to do any of the pushing on it. He’s got other priorities.

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  • Christopher

    Does anyone really think that an individual that is going to commit the ultimate sin of murder, is going to be dissuaded by a gun law that is less punishable than the crime of murder?
    Democrats or Republicans that think so are flat wrong!
    We can all be altruistic and make laws that make us feel good inside, but they don’t work, they become yet again another burden to law abiding citizens that own guns to protect themselves and their families.