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We will update from the event throughout the evening.

Please pardon any typos as I an updating from the WordPress app on the iPhone.

7:17 pm
Katon Dawson just welcomed Rep. Moss to the Republican Party.

7:36 pm
Enjoying dinner with republicans from Lake City & Greenville @ table 14

7:51 pm
We have seen Bobby Harrell, Henry McMaster, Rick Beltram, Bill Connor, Doug Cobb, Adam Fogle, Gov. Sanford.

7:55 pm
Gov. Sanford speaking.

Never seen the excitement in the conservative movement like was seen in Tea Parties.

8:00 pm
There is no moderation in current administration.

Lindsey Grahm introduced. Receives decent applause.

Never met anyone more sincere than Sanford in politics.

Never met anyone with more potential than Bob Corker.

Thanks to Dawsons hard work and good luck to Karen.

Obama administration agressive agenda has run up more debt in 100 days than we have run up from Washington to W. Bush.

8:06 pm
We need a republican in PA and re-elect DeMont in 2010.

I wish one more person was here, Pelosi.

I don’t like Obama’s politics, but I do personally. Obama can sell, but Pelosi products are not selling.

She is trying to run the country by degrading Bush.

I do not want to be so hateful and accuse the CIA of lying.

8:10 pm
I promise you this, the patriots (CIA) ate not lying.

Nancy, here is some advice, when ur n trouble quit digging.

And If u don’t stop, I know one Senator who will callyou to the Senate for a hearing and find out what you really know.

Jim DeMint introduced.

Honored to serve with Lindsay Graham.

The party is growing, and we can show the nation how it is done.

Recognizes Kevin Hall for efforts.

Glad none of you Governor’s candidates decided to run for the Senate.

Five way primaries are difficult.

We expand the party when we discuss ideas n the primary.

Democrats have moved to the left of Europe.

We need to stand and fight for freedom.

We need to stop what I believe is a socialist agenda.

Introduction of Bob Corker.

We need to seven our country from some dangerous proposals. They believe n equal outcome, we believe n equal opportunity.

8:27 pm
About once a week, this administration sends us a Trojan Horse.

This administration sends attractive ideas to the people and we have to defend our values.

10 years of social spending in stimulus bill. They wan to change it permanently.

Cap & Trade, Employees Free Choice Act (ends secret ballot elections for unionization).

Next is healthcare reform. Daschle said we failed first time to pass government controlled health care because we shared it with the public.

8:34 pm
Why should American tax payer fund a private company so it can sell out to another private company.

I know every American is not as conservative as we are, nut I guarantee that they are not as liberal as they are.

8:36 pm
Our ideas have lifted millions ofnpeople out of poverty.

Administration treats financial success as it should be shameful. This thought process is not new to the world, but it is to this nation.

We need to make sure we conduct ourselves with integrity.

If we hold ourselves to a higher standard we will regai. The trust of the American people.

8:41 pm
Introduction of David Wilkins.

We are glad to be home, but I miss my job as Ambassador to Canada.

Look around this room, you can feel the energy.

Eventuall America will see what we already know, what is happening in Washington is tearing us down.

Katon has never stopped hitting me up for money.

He has done an excellent job building this party.

Dawson put SCGOP on the map.

Thanks to Katon, the Republican road to the White House starts right here.

8:56 pm
Remarks and words of thanks from Katon Dawson.

We are here because we believe we are given our liberties from God, not the federal government.

9:05 pm
Katon Dawson: Thank you, I did the very best I could.

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  • Jamie Sanderson

    The Employee Free Choice Act does not abolish elections. Under the proposed legislation, workers get to choose the union formation process—elections or majority sign-up. What the Employee Free Choice Act does prevent is an employer manipulating the flawed system to influence the election outcome.
    When faced with organizing campaigns: 25 percent of employers illegally fire pro-union workers; 51 percent of employers illegally threaten to close down worksites if the union prevails; and, 34 percent of employers coerce workers into opposing the union with bribes and favoritism.

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