Nikki Haley Announces Run For Governor

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Nikki Haley, Candidate for Governor

Nikki Haley, Candidate for Governor

We at The Conservativist, well I, have been hoping for this day now for several months.  I have a great deal of respect for McMaster, Bauer, Barrett, Grooms and Nelson, but this is the candidate I have been pulling for to make a run for governor.

I was told she would not get in because of her relationships with other candidates and their backers, etc.  I didn’t have much to argue on besides personal speculation and the evidence at hand.  Why else would a candidate spend so much time in Greenville?  It is one of the largest bases in the state.

If Haley is successful, she would be the first female governor in state history.

Speaking to politico’s in Spartanburg yesterday, some speculated that this was the end for Bauer and Barrett although they already had the money.  Several indicated that they would be moving their support to Haley.

What some fail to realize though, Bauer and McMaster have not officially announced their candidacy.  It is expected that they will announce but will they alter their position with Haley jumping in?  So, we ask you, who is dropping out first?

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  • Richard

    I think Andre will drop out first, or rather not get in it to begin with. Even though we all know he was set to run for governor, he has generally been more vague about his intentions then say Henry McMaster.

    I’m putting the idea out there that Andre get himself up to Greenville and get in the primary race against Inglis. I think this had been mentioned in the past…now he may want to consider it.

  • SCHotline

    ‘The Jindal Effect’