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Check out this relatively new credit card site that makes credit card hunting easy.

The site provides most of the information needed for the consumer to make a conscious decision about their next credit card.  I must say, when I am searching for credit card information, I look for sites that have their act together.  Many credit card sites look very questionable; disorganized, purple backgrounds, images not lined up, inconsistent fonts, you name it. has their act together.

I have been browsing for a more rewards based credit card and this site made searching a lot easier.  The best part is, does not collect your private information.  All of the offers take you to a secured site hosted by the card issuer!

For those of you looking to consolidate credit card debt, I would check out the no interest credit card section and the balance transfer credit cards.  The balance transfer options make it easier to get out of the high 21% interest rates if you have accumulated credit card debt.

If your like me, you may want to look for rewards credit cards or airline credit cards.  These are great, if you pay the balance off every month.  I love these because I can pay my normal expenses on it and only write one check a month and get rewarded for it.  There’s nothing like flying to Vegas for $57, free if you have earned enough points.

The site owners are updating the site pretty often, so if you don’t find what you want today, check again in a few days.

* The Conservativist does not promote consumers to enter into risky financial situations.  This is simple technical article with information about what we feel is well designed site, with a hint of opinion.

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