SCFYR Convention

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We will be providing updates throughout the morning covering the South Carolina Federation of Young Republicans convention.

9:15 am

Karen Floyd, Chairwoman of SCGOP speaks to convention.

She is encouraging the YR to recruit and run for office. We must regain control of this sect of the electorate

Karen believes that technology is an untapped resource in our state. In October, she wants to work with the YR to build a stronger technology program.

9:25 am

1st State Executive Committee will be having their first meeting on Monday. The meeting will be held using Skype and will provide a method of roll call voting for the state executive committee meeting.

9:30 am

Spartanburg is well represented. The growing club has three delegate to the State Convention; Justin Bradley, Gary Coats, and Nic Lane.

Gary and Nic are candidates for national delegate.

Introduction of Speakers

Candidates for Governor are being introduced to speak.

Andre Bauer
Who can sell the state of SC across the World? Who can work with the General Assembly to get things done as well. These characteristics need to be in our next Governor.

Andre won a democratic senate seat in 1999.

9:33 am

Introduction of Congressman Gresham Barrett, candidate for Governor

We need fresh invigoration in the party, we need people with dark hair

We need new ideas and I am excited to be hear today.

I have seen things in the last 4 months that I thought I would never see.

We have a future and the future is SC. If we are going to take the nation back one state at a time.

9:37 am

We will have a plan for the economy, education and we will be able to say this is what we have done.

3 pillars, economy, education and energy

Need to make sure industry is promoted that way the state of South Carolina is not the largest employer.

We need to work with the work force to make sure our people can get better jobs

SC should and can be the worldwide leader in Energy, using nuclear and other alternative energy sources.

Why can we not take dormant tobacco land and convert it to switch grass and make that SC’s #1 cash crop

go online to

9:41 am

Introduction of Attorney General Henry McMaster

We must remember we are not angry with our Democrat friends. Their is real hope for them. They are real kind one on one, but in a pack they can get real mean.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to be proud of your state.

We are second largest hydrogen fuel cell developers in America (1st is California).

South Carolina is full of hope, just look at the fans that continue to go to Williams Brice Stadium year after year to support the Gamecocks.

9:48 am

We have one of the best technical college systems in the world.

Promoting works and attendance of the hydrogen conferences

We have a port and we need to work it to be an economic jewel

We cannot outsource our tourism industry

We must keep our taxes low and broad.

9:50 am

I want to be governor. I am the only one to have executive experience. I worked with Reagan. I went after craigslist, created a great cdv program, and we have locked up 157 child predators.

NC is taking our water and filed lawsuit with Supreme Court and they agreed to hear it. In my office, the buck stops with me.

The essence of the governors job is to get things done. I have done that as attorney general.

The deficiencies in power at the governors office has been on display in the stimulus monies battle.

I can work with the legislature.

9:53 am

Introduction of Senator Larry Grooms, candidate for Governor.

Senator Grooms is presenting the history of his life.

Over a period of 10 years, I was able to create a multi-million dollar corporation.

I’m gravely concerned. Government is hindering me. It took $32 million and several days to get the permits to build a new convenience store across the street from the one it took me one day to get 8 years earlier.

Today, there are on 12 of us that stand up for our core values in the State Senate.

10:00 am

I’m more concerned about my country and my state than I have been in my entire life.

This isn’t the time for status quo candidates. This is not the time for a beauty contest.

The question is about who has the drive to work hard and get things done.

I believe the hope of America is South Carolina (playing off a quote of Winston Churchill)

for faith, family, and freedom, I am running for governor.

10:02 am

Introduction of Nikki Haley, candidate for Governor

Proud member of the Lexington County Young Republicans

I originally ran because I was always told not to complain, do something about it.

My race to unseat a 30 year incumbent a few years ago was about new ideas.

The YR has been told you need to wait, but now is not the time for waiting.

Waiting has led to unprecedented spending in our state that is going to take years to pay back

We must talk about spending. Tax relief doesn’t mean anything unless we reign in the spending

We must have accountability in government. Every legislative vote needs to be on the record.

Government was never meant to be all thing to all people

When are we going to do something about education.

We can no longer continue to spend 13K per student and it funnel thru 1000 people at the state dept of education.

10:08 am

The YR is doing what they should be doing, get loud and active.

10:09 am

Introduction of Bill Connor, candidate for Lt. Governor

In the last 3 months, Josh Gross and I have put over 25K miles on our cars

I am the ultimate outsider in this race.

My father, grandfather, and great grandfather are lifetime veterans

Was commander and XO of several units while serving in the military.

The Lt. Gov. is the XO, the second in command.

My first action will save you 140K a year. I will get rid of my SLED escort. I have a CWP, I fought in Afghanistan, I can defend myself.

I can see it in your eyes that you want leadership

I came into politics b/c I saw the people looking to government as a god.

SC taxes military retirement. Military retirees are moving out of state because of the states high tax rate.

10:30 am

I apologize to Ken Ard. The network failed and I was unable to type his comments during his speech.

Inserting another conventioneers notes here:

I have a philosophy: there’s nothing wrong with South Carolina that more and better jobs won’t fix.

I have a background in business and want to grow the economy of South Carolina.

I want to, as Lt Governor, build relationships with people who can bring jobs to our state.

I want to see less government, less taxes and more freedoms.

A lot of people say that South Carolina is a backwards state, but it’s not.

I love South Carolina, I was born and raised here.  I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else.

Jobs is engine that drives the economy: if there are more and better jobs, then the economy will improve.

I care about our future and our children’s future, that’s why I got involved in politics, that’s why I decided to run for Lt Governor.

I’m not going to stand here today and ask for your vote or your support, but I want you to give me a year to work my butt off to earn your vote.

SCFYR Legislator of the Year: Garry Smith, HD 27
SCFYR Young Republican of Year: Carl Clegg

10:40 am

Remarks by Chairman, Patrick Haddon

10:51 am

49 of 51 delegates in attendance.

Election of State Officers
Patrick Haddon nominated Britton Pruett for State Chairman

Elected by acclamation.

10:59 am

Election for Vice-chairman.
Patrick Haddom nominateds current vice chair Paul Howell

Elected by acclamation.

Election of National Executive Committeman
Adam Piper nominates Josh Gross.

Josh Gross nominated by acclamation.

Election of National Executive Committeewoman.
James Gibney nominates Heather Ammons.

Elected by acclamation.

Election of Treasurer
Nomination of Robin Quinn

Nomination of Bridgett Vergara


Voting begins for treasurer.

Quinn wins

Nomination of secretary
Matt Wills nominated

Elected by acclamation

11:31 am

Election of national delegates.

A motion from the floor to change SC vote from Team Renewal to Next Level.

Debate is on the floor.

Contention on the floor because this will change support.

Arguments that new charters did not get to participate in teleconference to cast vote in favor of Renewal or Next Level.

20-15 vote to overturn support in favor of Next Level.

Delegates to National Convention
Heather Ammons
Katie Baham
Jason Bailey
Nettie Britts
Carl Clegg
Can Crawford
Gary Coats
Joshua Gross
Patrick Haddon
Shelly Haddon
Drew Johnson
Todd Kincannon
Nic Lane
Liana Orr
Adam Piper
Britton Pruett
Jay W. Ragley
Jamie Lee Rogers

I added some more of the discussion from the debate to change the states endorsement.  I also added notes from a commenter concerning Ken Ard’s speech.

School is Out Early in South Carolina

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School is Out Early in South Carolina

School is Out Early in South Carolina

I respect our teachers and the hard work they put in for our kids.  They are true heroes for the hell they go through to teach our kids.

With that said though, I do take issue with the practice of ending all educational teaching approximately 2 weeks before the end of the year.

Our worst in the nation education system apparently quits teaching as soon as students have taken their MAP, PASS (formerly PACT), or whatever other tests they may have to take.  Our students then sit in a classroom and play games, do crafts and watch movies for the final two weeks of school.  Not to mention the two half-days which amounts to a babysitting job for the teachers.

I have talked to some teachers in Spartanburg School District 2 that have already turned in textbooks and have submitted their final grades, all as of late last week.  Correct me if I am wrong, but when I was in school, textbooks were taken up and grades submitted on the next to last day.  The final day was used for goodbye, class parties and the distribution of report cards, when it was all done by hand.  If technology is supposed to make everything faster, then why are they closing down so early?

Schools are required by state law to have 180 instructional school days.  I guess it is up to the school district to determine what constitutes an instructional school day.  I would say that our students are only getting 167 instructional school days, if all of those days are used for instruction.

Let me be clear though, I am not pinning this on the teachers. They are doing what is asked of them.

I believe this falls into the hands of our school district administrators and they must be held accountable!

No Term Limits for President?

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Repeal the 22 amendment?

Repeal the 22 amendment?

I visited New York City once last year and fell in love with it. The constant buzz, fine dining, great baseball, the largest Apple Store in the world and really having everything at your fingertips.  Well, everything besides my car.

With all this said though, the NY representation is really beginning to cause me great concern.  Yesterday, we reported on Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D, NY-4] bill, H.R. 2401, that would prevent individuals from buying guns if they were on the “do not fly list”.  We have Sen. Schumer and his handy work in the financial sector, and then there was today.

Today we discovered a bill that was introduced by Rep. José Serrano [D, NY-16], who represents the Bronx, that moves to repeal the 22nd amendment to the Constitution, H. J. RES. 5.  For those of you short on Constitutional knowledge, the 22nd amendment was established after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, setting term limits for the Presidency.  It was designed…wait for it…to prevent tyranny.

Jefferson wrote in 1807:

“if some termination to the services of the chief Magistrate be not fixed by the Constitution, or supplied by practice, his office, nominally four years, will in fact become for life.”

Thomas Jefferson: Reply to the Legislature of Vermont, 1807. ME 16:293

So we decided to look at who else tried to repeal the 22nd amendment.  Below you will find 27 blatant attempts to repeal the 22 amendment in the last 20 years.  3 of the 27 were restructuring of the terms limits.

Sponsor Year Bill Comments
Guy Vander Jagt 1989 H. R. 404
Guy Vander Jagt 1989 H. J. RES. 84
Frank Guarini 1989 H. J. RES. 176 Called for one six year term for the President.
David O’B Martin 1989 H. J. RES. 264 120 Cosponsors
Jack Brooks 1989 H. J. RES. 6 Called for one six year term for the President.
Harry Reid 1989 S. J. RES. 36 1 cosponsor
Guy Vander Jagt 1991 H. J. RES. 61 14 cosponsors
Martin Sabo 1991 H. J. RES. 101 16 cosponsors
Peter DeFazio 1992 H. J. RES. 554 this was a true term limits resolution
Michael McNulty 1993 H. J. RES. 107 2 cosponsors
Barney Frank 1995 H. J. RES. 68 1 cosponsor
Mitch McConnell 1995 S. J. RES. 23 1 cosponsor
Steny Hoyer 1995 H. J. RES. 81 10 cosponsors
Michael McNulty 1995 H. J. RES. 71 2 cosponsors
Barney Frank 1997 H. J. RES. 38
David Dreier 1997 H. J. RES. 51
Steny Hoyer 1997 H. J. RES. 88 7 cosponsors
José Serrano 1997 H. J. RES. 19 1 cosponsor
Barney Frank 1999 H. J. RES. 24
José Serrano 1999 H. J. RES. 17 1 cosponsor
José Serrano 2001 H. J. RES. 4
Steny Hoyer 2001 H. J. RES. 39 6 cosponsors
José Serrano 2003 H. J. RES. 11 3 cosponsors
Steny Hoyer 2003 H. J. RES. 25 7 cosponsors
José Serrano 2005 H. J. RES. 9
José Serrano 2007 H. J. RES. 8
José Serrano 2009 H. J. RES. 5

So you tell us, what do you think needs to be done to the 22nd Amendment?

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H.R. 2401 – More Anti Gun Laws

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MP-5 Automatic Machine Gun

More weapons bans are on the way.

As we have stated before.  We love our guns here at The Conservativist.  So we fight for them.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy [D, NY-4], the 4th was a Republican district until 1997, has introduced bill H.R. 2401 titled the No Fly, No Buy Act of 2009.  This bill, if passed, would alter the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to prevent individuals who are not allowed to board an aircraft from obtaining a weapon.

At first glance, this does not sound all that bad, but we believe this has serious complications.

We have seen many stories in the news about peaceful individuals that have been detained because their names appear on the “do not fly” list.  With so many false positives, how in the world does the government plan on effectively managing another task.   How long will it take you to purchase a hand gun?  Are you going to have to call Congressman Inglis and wait on his staff to clear your name?

Hell, accordingy to Janet Napolitano, anyone who questions the government, supports liberty rights, or veterans could be placed on the no fly list.

The fact of the matter is that the Obama administration appears to be covertly working to take away guns from the people.  Obama claimed he was not going to pursue an assault weapons ban a few weeks ago, but we beg to differ!

Be sure to call your congressman and tell them to vote no on H.R. 2401.

SCGOP Convention – The Voting Begins

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Check here over the next hour as we provide updates on the nominations and the votes.

12:23 pm
Glen McCall is giving nomination speech for Karen Floyd for Chairman.

12:25 pm
Katon Dawson gave second nomination

Lin Bennett gives second seconding speech.

Kevin Hall giving third seonding speech in support of Kevin Floyd.

Karen Floyd is nominated by acclamation.

12:28 pm
Karen Floyd giving speech.

Katon, it is my honor and priviledge to follow after you.

12:30 pm
My son reminded me that we stand for bigger purposes than just our own.

Today, I’m proud to join the activist army of the SC republican party

It more than speaking. It is our actions.

The right to bear arms includes the right to buy ammunition.

12:35 pm
I am in awe of my new responsibilities. I am honored.

Nomininations for 1st Vice Chair.

Britton Pruett nominates Patrick Haddon.

Glen McCall gives seconding nomination for Haddon.

Motion to elect Haddon by acclamation

Haddon elected 1st Vice Chair

12:40 pm
Haddon introduces the activist army to SMS text messagng. It is time to reach out to 18-40 year olds.

12:43 pm
Charles Butler nomnated for 2nd Vice-Chair.

Butler elected via acclamation.

12:46 pm
Butler gives election speech.

The strength of our party is rooted in the attributes found in the word of God.

We need hand ups, not hand outs.

12:50 pm
Nominations for 3rd Vice Chair.

Adam Piper nominated.

Alexia Newman gives Piper second nomination.

State Rep Jenny Horne gives second seconding speech.

12:55 pm
Mitch Baroody nominated for 3rd Vice-Chair.

Rep. Phillip Lowe seconds nomination of Baroody along with Cong. Wilson’s wife.

Donna Hicks (Spartanburg) nominated for 3rd Vice Chair.

Justin Bradley (Spartanburg) seconds Hicks nomination.

Nominations are closed.

Piper is addressing the convention. He believes America is the greatest nation on the earth.

We must bridge the generational gap.

Encouraged to get involved by Bob Dole.

Piper gets the crowd extremely excited.

Baroody is giving his speech.

We must personally invest time in technology.

1:09 pm
Leading by example is my philosophy.

Baroody takes shot at Piper over being a hired political operative.

Hicks begins her speech.

I am a conservative, a member of the NRA and I own a handgun.

We must be real to the young adults.

5:42 pm
Sorry, we got lost n the fray of counting ballots and rule changes. Adam Piper wins 3rd Vice Chair.

I can provide more details when I return to Boiling Springs and see my family.

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