Roll Call Voting Needs Your Help!

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The leader in the roll call voting battle, Nikki Haley, needs your help.  Her bill, H. 3047 (Spending Accountability Act of 2009) made it out of subcommittee today and was supposed to be read to the full Ways and Means Committee, but continues to be delayed.

The rumors mills are afloat that this is a tactic to keep the bill from coming to a vote.  Some say the House is scared of the transparency and there is even a rumor that an amendment has been proposed that Haley is being blocked from seeing.

So what’s the big deal with another transparency bill?

The resolution passed in January was a simple rules change that got roll call voting on the books for the session ending in 2010.  In 2011, new rules could be introduced and roll call voting could disappear.

H. 3047 actually makes roll call voting the law.

Read the Spending Accountability Act of 2009 (H. 3047) and contact the Ways and Means Committee and demand a yes vote for roll call voting!

By the way, do you realize that 14 of 25 ways and means members signed the No New Tax Pledge and 12 of them have already violated their no new tax pledge!  Thanks to roll call voting, we know who they are.  Coincidence?

Dan Cooper (Chairman) Annette Young (1st V.C.) Rex Rice (2nd V.C.)
Lanny Littlejohn (3rd V.C.) Herb Kirsh (Secy./Treas.) Liston Barfield
Jim Battle Kenny Bingham Bill Clyburn
Gilda Cobb-Hunter Tracy Edge Bill Herbkersman
Ken Kennedy Chip Limehouse III Dwight Loftis
Jay Lucas James Merrill Joe Neal
Denny Neilson Harry Ott Jr. Michael Pitts
Gary Simrill Murrell Smith Jr. J. Roland Smith
Brian White
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  • confused

    So what exactly is roll call voting?

    • Gary Coats

      Confused: Roll call voting is a measure that requires the votes on important bills to be recorded.

      Until this year, votes on budget measures, pay raises, tax increases could essentially be performed via a voice vote. Joe Blow Representative could come home and tell you he voted against the tax increase when he actually voted for it because there was no record of his vote. Roll call voting creates that record to hold him accountable.

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  • confused

    Thanks. And by the way, I like the new look on your website!