The People Win First Round of Gun Battle

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MP-5 Automatic Machine Gun

MP-5 Automatic Machine Gun

I was a little disturbed yesterday when I read that the Mexican government was going to ask the US to re-instate the expired assault weapons ban.

President Obama surprised me yesterday and stated to the world that they did not have the support in Congress to pass such a ban and he would not be pursuing it!

He did state that he will be providing the funding to the necessary agencies to enforce the existing gun trafficking laws.

I hope this will begin to resolve the ammunition crisis we find ourselves in.  If you have not heard, gun stores across the country are low on ammunition.  My most recent visit to Academy Sports in Spartanburg revealed they only had 2 or 3 boxes of 9mm shells.

Some say manufacturers are cutting production fearing H.R 45 or the pending legislation to curtail the assault weapons.

Either way, the people have won the first round of this battle to keep our weapons.   Keep the pressure on your local Congressman to make sure the assault weapons ban nor H.R 45 (Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009) makes it to the floor to a vote.

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  • Jimmy

    Remember 2000? A lot of analysts said Al Gore lost West Virginia and thus the presidency because of his talking about gun control during the campaign. So the Dems completely dropped that issue from their portfolio and talking points. Now supposedly we are a “center-left” nation and the poppular Democratic president (who once said he supported a ban on ALL handguns) now says he is not pursuing the assault weapons ban. We know these Dems really do support the ban, but do not want to even bring it up. So this is completely political because deep down, they know that this gun control talk will not appeal in the red states where Dems made gains in 2008.

    The ultimate conspiracy theory on this issue: Hillary Clinton brought up this whole assault weapon issue with her work down in Mexico to put the screws to her boss Obama.

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