TSA Gets Better Eyes

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I've been violated

I've been violated

Many who have traveled via air in the past 8 years have experienced the lovely security process implemented in the name of safety.

You know, the one where you have to empty your pockets, remove your shoes, your belt, throw away your child’s bottle all to get patted down in another room.

Well, the TSA has a new tool that has passed initial tests in 19 airports nationwide.  No more strip searches, just walk through the scanner and “voila”, your naked image is available for their viewing.  If I were FITSNews right now, I’d be cheering at the ability to see Megan Fox or Erin Andrews naked. But this is about our rights people.

What happened to our rights of privacy guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  Especially the 4th amendment which prohibits search and seizures without a reasonable cause.

All passengers images are being scanned and then stored on another machine for later review.  The TSA claims they are working on removing this functionality, but we all know that once government gets something, they do not give it up.

It is time we as American’s stand up and fight for our rights before they are gone.  If not enjoy your naked pictures floating on the internet.  If Joe Blow can gain access to Obama’s passport, they can get your naked picture!

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  • sickofrick

    This is kinda sticky….I don’t want it done to me BUT if it stops a terrorist, then I want it done to them. Nor can we single out anyone because of race or nationality. Besides if someone got a nude photo of me, it would hurt them more than me….