Beltram Out, Ryggs In as Spartanburg GOP Chairman

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The Spartanburg County Republican Party

The Spartanburg County Republican Party

Last night, the activists in Spartanburg overwhelmingly ousted embattled GOP Chairman Rick Beltram.

Beltram, supposedly known for his grassroots activism, seemingly failed to turn out his supporters and lost to LaDonna Ryggs 291 – 87, obtaining 77% of the vote.

We have since learned from the Palmetto Scoop, that Rick Beltram has announced his withdrawal from the State GOP Chairman’s race.

The closest race of the night was the Executive Committeeman’s race which required a second ballot.  Doug Cobb had a 63 vote lead after the first ballot, but was approximately 20 votes short of pulling off the win in the first ballot (Cobb 173, Dixon 95, Riley 110).

Doug Cobb ended up winning the second ballot with 63% of the votes (Cobb 157, Dixon 31, Riley 63).

Nic Lane handily won the Treasurers race (259 – 119, 69%).  Newcomer Case Chumley won the Corresponding Secretary seat.

Approximately 380 of the 550 delegates to the county convention turned out to vote.

The election results were not the only fireworks last night though.

Mike Dixon made an effort to remove the nominating committee and their recommendations.  He argued the fairness in the process since Rick Beltram formed and appointed the committees chairman.  Several argue that Robert’s Rules prohibit this, but it is up to the discretion of the parliamentarian, who in this case believed Robert’s Rules does not expressly prohibit this notion.

Mike’s attempt failed, but it definitely riled the crowd up.  I had many people approach me asking why the county party used the nominating committee.  I could only answer that it was a gray area in the rules and the county party has functioned in this manner for some time.

And last but not least, I would like to answer those who are arguing that the folks over at Upstate Update and I are dividing the party.

77% of the voters went against the establishment.

I believe that is unity my friends.

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  • No Longer Concerned in Spartanburg

    Unity is correct word!

    Now the Spartanburg County can get back to making sure that the party is in the hands of the people…and the true conservative voices can be heard.

    Thanks to everyone that turned out last night and made the event a successful one even with all of the long drawn out charades of the previous administration.

    Thanks for the update Gary. Keep up the good work!

  • AmandaMoore

    Great Job Gary

  • Evert

    On the Nominations question, Roberts Rules allows for a Nomination committee to be used, in all deliberative bodies. I have never seen a nominations committee used for the elections of delegates before by a political party, and I would not like my county having that body pick the slate of delegates and alternates but it is not against the rules. I do know that they have used this method for several years. It is kind like having a convention to elect your candidates for office instead of a primary. I prefer the primary method(although I would also prefer that only Republicans vote in GOP Primaries). It allows every member of the body have a voice on the representation they will have at the state convention.

    These voters were also very long suffering, it was near 10:30 before they even got to start voting for the first office. They hung in there and generally were very cordigal for such a late meeting. Everone did not get what they wanted but it seems that they are willing to let the new chairman and the new leaders try and solve those issues going foward.

    Lastly Ladonna Ryggs was very gracious in her acceptance speech, I get the impression she will reach out to all the Spartanburg republicans, I just don’t know if the reverse will be true.

  • Bobby Sessions

    The reason I became a Delegate is to help get the party back
    where it belongs. And I hope the people elected know that they
    were put in these positions bu us the Delegates who want to
    go back to our conservative Christian values having a backbone
    like a saw log. Gongradualtions and great job Gary.

  • Milton Friedman

    Can someone tell me who the guy in the glasses that was whispering into everone’s ear is? Is he some kind of consultant? He was conferring with Gary when he wanted the list of state delegates released.

  • Gary Coats

    Milton, the gentleman in the glasses was a parliamentarian. I had been discussing parliamentary procedure with him prior to the convention.

    The state delegate release was one of the things I personally had been working on. It was part of an effort to make the process more democratic that was not able to come to complete fruition on Tuesday night.

  • sam jones

    What is the name of the person with the “glasses” ?

  • william smith

    You must be talking about Everette Headley from Greenville.
    I guess Greenville will be in for a great time on April 25.
    Another bloodbath.

  • joe james

    The GOP is now filled with radicals. Now, will come the election losses.

  • doug smith

    As long as we were able to win, the rest of the story does not matter.