The Race for The Fightin’ Fourth – Part 3

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Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

This is the third segment in a series of interviews for known candidates that are entering the 4th District Congressional Race.  No portion of this article or the following articles in this series represents an endorsement made by Gary Coats or The Conservativist.

On Friday, March 27th, I had the privilege to sit down with Christina Jeffrey at Two Samuels restaurant in Spartanburg, SC to discuss her vision for South Carolina’s fourth district.

Christina Jeffrey is currently an adjunct professor at Wofford University and Lander University, with 30 years of education experience teaching Kindergarten all the way to Doctorate classes.

Christina earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Vasser University and the University of Plano studying History and Political Science and continued her education at the University of Alabama where she earned her Master’s and Ph.D  in Political Science.

She is married to Robert Jeffrey, a professor at Wofford College, and has five children and 6 grandchildren.

Bailouts & Stimulus Packages
We asked Christina about the differences in China’s stimulus package which focused primarily on infrastructure and Obama’s version that was focused primarily on government programs.  She stated a lot of the problems with infrastructure in America is the rules and regulations concerning the environment.  China can develop as they wish, but those projects in America are bottlenecked when it comes to the environmental regulations.  We had to ask if she was suggesting that the EPA’s reach should be limited. Christina responded:

I would propose looking at that very carefully.  Everybody with any sense, all conservatives, want to conserve the environment, but are we doing it in a sensible way?  Do we have somebody who is responsible in charge of the EPA or do we have someone who is kind of a radical?

Christina stated that she would be against the stimulus package.  She thinks it would have been a better allocation of resources had it been given to the people as a tax rebate.

What do Republicans need to do to regain control and win the “young voter”?
I won’t paraphrase, I’ll just provide the entire quote.

First of all, parents have to care about the education their children are getting.  The NEA dominates the public education community, you shouldn’t be surprised if the youth begin voting Democrat.

This doesn’t answer the question of how we fix it now, but children become voters before you know it.

Parents should intervene right now.  They should go home and look at the index of their history books under McCarthy.  If they say there were no Communists, this is a bad history book.  It is teaching falsehood.

If you are teaching them falsehood in high school, when you have control over their education…and when they get to college and find out the truth, they are going to overturn everything.  They will not believe anything they were taught…and everything becomes questionable.

What is your proposal to meet the demand of our energy needs?
Christina is a capitalist and believes in the free market.  She believes that the government needs to stay out of the free market and allow it (the free market) discover the next best method of energy.

Jeffrey is a very intelligent individual and has a few things going in her favor in the race.  First, Dark Horse Strategy Groups is running her campaign.  So what’s the big deal?  DHSG managed to remove Sen. Jim Ritchie in the SC Senate 13 race.  Shane Martin was by far the underdog at the beginning of that campaign.  I will be curious to see if DHSG has the capabilities to pull off another upset.

Jeffrey also has demographics on her side and she should also be able to capitalize on her political experience.  We look forward to seeing how her experience and her status in the Spartanbug GOP helps propel her into the race for the fightin’ fourth.

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  • Reaganite2000

    Very good article!

  • John

    Interesting. I thought your question about how the GOP wins young voters was great…though her answer suggests she may not be ready for this. So to answer this question she basically says that the NEA and textbooks are why young people tend to lean Republican? If she doesn’t come up with better answers she is going to make people remember about her past political career being doomed by comments about textbooks not properly presenting the argument that the Holocaust never happened. Even Newt Gingrich got rid of her for that one! I will not be voting for Inglis in the primary but this lady does not seem to be a viable alternative. I will look at Andrew Smart now and continue to hope that one of the gazillion elected Republicans or Republican business leaders we have in Greenville or Spartanburg get into this race as, oh I don’t know, a credible candidate.

  • John

    Sorry I meant to say why she thinks young people lean Democrat.

  • CMB

    she is going to make people remember about her past political career being doomed by comments about textbooks not properly presenting the argument that the Holocaust never happened. Even Newt Gingrich got rid of her for that one! * John

    Shame on you for trying the Big Lie of Goebbles on Christina! Your lack of research and historial knowledge is showing big time…Nowhere will you find that Christina said the Holocaust never exsist. Newt ran for cover like he aways does when confronted and drops his friends like his 3 former wives…I suggest you find another career besides politics to futher your career in a 12 step program for liars

  • Upstate Writer

    Christina is as much of a joke as Andrew is….neither are viable candidates against Bob. As terrible of a congressman I think Bob is, he is the lesser of 3 evils here. We need new leadership…independant leadership. No millionares or “wannabe” politicians..ordinary citizens representing ordinary citizens. That is what the founders intended and thats what we need to return to. The individuals need a representative, not a politician.

    • Gary Coats

      Upstate Writer, please provide specifics as to what makes them a joke.

  • Upstate Writer

    Christina simply wants a seat…doesn’t matter where. She has lost in countless elections throughout Georgia and the Upstate of South Carolina. Its that kind of take what you can get attitude that has gotten the republican party in the mess that it is currently in. Andrew on the other hand makes claims that he “knows what its like to make payroll”. He was handed daddy’s company and daddy’s money. He has no clue what it is like to suffer in a business, to miss a paycheck just so your employees can feed their families. Don’t try to connect to the common individual on that level because we all know he is simply attempting to appease us all. Both of them are, as I said, JOKES because neither are going to listen to the populous…only to themselves.

  • Upstate Writer

    -Richard- USC Upstate Student

  • CMB

    She has lost in countless elections throughout Georgia and the Upstate of South Carolina* UpState fibber

    Dumb Bunny! How does 2 political races make it ” Countless” in your liar mind-set? She ran for Congress to replace Newt Seat in 98 and came in 2 nd out of a 8 way race with over 30% of the vote in non-partis race. She ran for a local state office last year and lost by 54 votes in a republican primary………

    Where did you take a course on Math? The reverse new age political math in Orwellian BS!

  • Upstate Writer

    liar mind set? Check out her history in Georgia…..then come back and have a real conversation and not attack me on my research. Need i remind you that Newt fired her? Some great patriot she is.

  • Upstate Writer

    The simple fact is that Christina was not a viable candidate against Durham Cole (not one of the house’s greatest speakers), what makes you think that she can beat Bob?

  • Gary Coats

    For the Record, I accidently hit the wrong button on the Durham comment.

    Secondly. It is my understanding that Christina was exonerated by the defamation league within a year or so of the incident.

  • Upstate Writer

    Thanks Gary

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