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It's not a stop sign, but get's the point across

After spending approximately 45 minutes explaining the convention process, defending himself against allegations made by Upstate Update, all the while campaigning (I am honestly amazed to see how he does this), Rick Beltram ran into a brick wall when 76+ people stopped an effort that would allow him to add nominees to the state convention ballot.

We have since learned that adding nominees to the State Convention ballot appears to be allowed (we are still waiting for final clarification).

I decided to take a further look to see if the process used tonight was even valid.  After browsing some Robert’s Rules of Order, I discovered that a motion to suspend rules to have a vote requires 2/3 vote of the executive committee.  I’m still validating, but I believe state rules or party rules over rule this to read 50%.  Either way, rules not expressly designated are to bound by Robert’s Rules.  We would like to point out a few things that went wrong.

  1. The meeting was never properly called to order
  2. A roll call was never taken to determine if a quorum was present to conduct business
  3. The quorum would have to be based on the 88 precincts organized in 2007
    1. The newly reorganized precincts do not have a voice until the county convention
  4. Votes to suspend the rules must be done via roll call vote

This is just a quick synopsis, we don’t know how many other rules apply to this.

Although there was not a properly organized meeting, some individuals in the crowd raised a few of these points and after three rounds of voting on a table motion, order began to be restored.   The vote synopsis is below:

  1. Voice vote to table the motion passed, Beltram decided to have hand vote because it was hard to determine.
  2. Tried to do a vote via hand count which was counted improperly.
  3. Final head count vote the tabled the motion 76-24

So now I am left in a precarious position, who do I support?  There are arguments that LaDonna Ryggs should be attending these meetings and debating Rick Beltram.  She attended the meeting last night at West View B but not the executive committee meeting tonight.  There are also allegations that Ryggs failed her duties as executive committeeman in the re-organization process.

Among the many arguments against Beltram, new arguments are being raised concerning whether or not he is following the rules.

We would like to ask you:

With seven (7) days remaining until county convention, leave a comment and let us know who you are supporting.

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  • Amanda Moore

    I would vote for Gary Coats. He seems to be the natural choice. I say nominate Gary Coats from the floor. and yes…. you can.

  • Milton Friedman

    I was there last night and if you were the one that stood up and stopped the seating of the delegates, thank you. I was not comfortable at all with going against state law. I do not want to vote for either announced candidate. Rick is too smarmy and I am not convinced that LaDonna has a strong enough personality to be a good leader. I do want a true conservative as the county chair. This inclusive crap is what has the party screwed up now. We can be inclusive if we stay true to the principles of limited government and individual liberty and really persuade people that our nation will prosper if we stick to those ideals. If the Republican Party does not go back to these principles maybe I will go to the Constitution or Liberterian Party.

  • RonPaulwasRight

    Milton, I’m afraid I have to agree about the Constitution or Libertarian Party. I came home very disappointed last night.

  • Robert

    I hope everyone finally realizes how corrupt Rick is and how he lies about others. He manipulates the core of people around him. They think he doesnt lie to *them*.
    It’s dangerous when a chairman acts without the party voting- a chairman doesnt have a vote!
    Rick uses the rules against the party members. Its time for members to wake up, educate themselves on the rules, and ensure the rules are followed.

  • Concerned in Spartanburg

    Gary, Thanks for the comments. I was there last night as well and thought that the whole meeting was a “lame” attempt by Beltram to mask what he real purpose was…To try to embarass the other candidates. When he had the moderator call out the names of Ladonna Ryggs and Doug Cobb to make it look like they just did not show up, made me sick. He knew good and well that they had other obligations but never mentioned that…And then at the end of the meeting when someone from the crowd brought that up, he said that they were at a meeting that started at 7 and he was going to attend the same meeting. That turned out to be a lie because I left the Country Hearth well after 8pm and he was still there.

    I am absolutely sick of this nonsense that has been going on in the party for the last 10 years and I hope that someone can change it.

    Thanks again for the recap,

    Concerned in Spartanburg

  • Gary Coats

    Concerned, it was I that brought up that fact concerning their other meeting as well. He gave his secretaries an out, but not them.

  • Enough is enough

    Rick isn’t telling people that he knew LaDonna had a prior committment as she was the main speaker, to the other meeting. For him to pretend to the crowd that she didnt’ attend his meeting for no valid reason- is immature and unprofessional.
    When will folks have enough of this???
    I’m voting for a mature leader who has integrity and much experience -LaDonna Ryggs.

  • Reaganite2000

    THAT is what Rick does!! He CREATES situations to screw people over. Rest assure, Bletram had something planned for her if she had been able to attend. She was darned if she did and darned if she didn’t. AND, when was the last time anyone saw an incumbent so eager for a debate? It never happens. Beltram is running scared and for good reason!

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