Beltram’s Replacement Known Tomorrow?

March 19, 2009 by  
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After the spanking that Rick Beltram has taken over the last few weeks over concerning his comments on Jim DeMint, the GOP HQ based out of a questionable building and the reported minimal support at the debates Monday, we have come down to the final 19 days before the votes take place to elect the next chairman of Spartanburg County.

The folks over at Upstate Update will be announcing their candidate for Spartanburg County Chairman. Who is it?  The only indication we have is a blurred picture of Nicole Cobb’s husband, Doug Cobb.

We spoke with Kerry Wood and he told us the announcement would be made Friday, March 20th at/after lunch.  He did not give us any indication as to who the candidate was though.

So, here is your chance to sound off.  Who do you think it is?

  • Rick Beltram
  • Gary Coats
  • Doug Cobb
  • Monica Hill
  • LaDonna Ryggs
  • Mike Dixon
  • Doug Smith

Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Jimmy

    My guess is either Monica or LaDonna.

  • Earl Capps

    Go LaDonna!!!

  • Milton Friedman

    I will be at the county convention and am looking forward to a change in the county leadership. My problem is I know I don’t want the incumbent, but have limited information on the qualifications, values, ethics, or skills of any of the challengers. What can I base my vote on? Zodiac sign? Odd man? Paper, rock, scissors?