Spartanburg GOP Precinct Reorg Makeup Meeting

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If you were a law abiding citizen on March 2nd and weathered the nasty weather to organize your precinct, prepare to do it again on March 23rd.  That’s right, we have some sources that said packets are being thrown out on technicalities.  We have contacted Rick Beltram and he stated that some individuals had been in question because they were not registered voters, but that entire packets had not been “thrown out”.

By SCGOP Party Rules, the county party is allowed to hold make up meetings for those precincts which were unable to organize. This can be found in the under Rule 4.1.b:

The county chairman shall also set a date no later than five days prior to the county convention for precinct clubs to meet, that have failed to organize or re-organize or clubs that need to conduct further business. The meeting for all precincts shall be held in one central location in the county.

So, if you want a say in the direction of the Republican Party, want a say in its leadership, this is one of two (2) meetings that you need to attend.

Those individuals researching and counting numbers may base their decisions to take on the embattled 10 year county chairman if you are willing to sacrifice a few hours and have your opinion heard by party leadership or by even becoming party leadership.  It is in your hands.

As for my candidacy, I have been approached by several individuals before and after the infamous audio release.  I will be making a decision in the next few weeks.

The makeup meeting is currently scheduled to be conducted at the Country Hearth Inn at the I-85/I-26 intersections starting at 7pm on March 23, 2009.

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  • Jimmy

    So per Jason Spencer’s blog, Rick Beltram says you doctored the audio clip of him talking about DeMint. Beltram is attacking your credibility. I hope you respond to him and your readers.