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Check out the excellent reporting by Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.  Be sure to comment and let him know that the people of Spartanburg want the truth and to see these articles in the paper.

Despite a snow-covered Spartanburg and the dangers of black ice on the road, the Spartanburg County Republican Party, at first glance, seems to have done well with its biennial precinct reorganization.

The blandly named “precinct reorganization” isn’t exclusive to party activists – Democrats and Republicans alternate the years they do it – but it is the front door to any registered voter who wants to have a say in county or state party leadership and/or present resolutions that could affect their state party’s platform.

Monday morning, when I was making calls about things I cover, trying to determine what was cancelled and what wasn’t, I was told that reorganization – advertised on the radio for the past week – would go on. Organization is largely a formal process, but a necessary one, to elect precinct officers and file the appropriate paperwork to become a county and/or state delegate – i.e. to have a vote at the county or state conventions, which are in April and May, respectively.

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  • Scott

    You should def. consider running for chair if that is true. I appreciate Spencer for covering this. But also ask yourself this: after this interview with Jason Spencer for his blog piece as well as two appearances on the Bob McLain radio program, why has no one asked Beltram to address the comments he made about Jim DeMint? I would have thought your publishing his audio comments would have led to a story in the SHJ or more chatter in SCGOP circles than there has been so far.

  • RonPaulwasRight

    Until I read Jason’s article, I was unaware that I specifically organized last night to unseat Beltram. Funny, I was under the assumption that I was organizing to advance the cause of liberty. GOP, get over your sweet selves and come back down to earth. We have work to do.

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