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Tonight is the precinct reorganization for the Republican Party.  This is a very important event.  A do-or-die event.  Rick Beltram, the current Spartanburg GOP Chairman, tends to not play by the rules.  In fact, he seems to think there are any rules that pertain to him.  We need people as Executive Committeemen who will see that the rules are observed.

Rick is a great fundraiser for the Republican Party in Spartanburg.  He knows how to twist arms.  But at what price?

Around the State, Spartanburg is a joke because of Rick’s antics.  The newly elected Executive Committeemen will vote on whether Beltram stays or goes as the Chair of Spartanburg’s Party.

If you hate clickish and clanish politics at the local, State, and Federal levels, then Beltram personifies that at the Party level.  It’s really quite unbecoming.

But the MAIN reason you need to go to the Precinct re-organization is to have a say so in what we stand for.  That happens via resolutions, i.e. we don’t support bailing out banks who are unaccoutable regarding how the money gets spent.  If you don’t know what you’d “resolve” but are interested in going to the reorganization, let me know, I can walk you thru it.

The weather could work to our advantage tonight.  A lot of folks who might otherwise attend, may not show up, and you’ll be the new voice, i.e executive committeeman for your precinct.

This meeting occurs at your polling place tonight at 7pm.

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  • RonPaulwasRight

    Something is afoot at the O.K. Corral…..Spartanburg County, don’t fall for the ‘snow day’ 3/23 Reorg — Go to your precinct tonight!!

  • Roger

    Exactly–there are reports of Beltram’s allies trying to tell people to show up on 3/23 at some hotel conference room instead of tonight. Do not fall for this. The precinct meetings are on at all locations tonight! If you think the facility you vote at is closed, show up there anyway–there will be someone from the party to direct you to a nearby meeting place. But most likely your precinct will be OPEN.

  • chris

    it’s official called the State GOP HQ … ALL elections tonight are official! Go tonight! Make up date does NOT reverse tonight’s elections. Make sure you get your election results to the GOP HQ 1002 S. Pine St Spartanburg 864-542-1992.