The Race for The Fightin’ Fourth – Part 3

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Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

This is the third segment in a series of interviews for known candidates that are entering the 4th District Congressional Race.  No portion of this article or the following articles in this series represents an endorsement made by Gary Coats or The Conservativist.

On Friday, March 27th, I had the privilege to sit down with Christina Jeffrey at Two Samuels restaurant in Spartanburg, SC to discuss her vision for South Carolina’s fourth district.

Christina Jeffrey is currently an adjunct professor at Wofford University and Lander University, with 30 years of education experience teaching Kindergarten all the way to Doctorate classes.

Christina earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Vasser University and the University of Plano studying History and Political Science and continued her education at the University of Alabama where she earned her Master’s and Ph.D  in Political Science.

She is married to Robert Jeffrey, a professor at Wofford College, and has five children and 6 grandchildren.

Bailouts & Stimulus Packages
We asked Christina about the differences in China’s stimulus package which focused primarily on infrastructure and Obama’s version that was focused primarily on government programs.  She stated a lot of the problems with infrastructure in America is the rules and regulations concerning the environment.  China can develop as they wish, but those projects in America are bottlenecked when it comes to the environmental regulations.  We had to ask if she was suggesting that the EPA’s reach should be limited. Christina responded:

I would propose looking at that very carefully.  Everybody with any sense, all conservatives, want to conserve the environment, but are we doing it in a sensible way?  Do we have somebody who is responsible in charge of the EPA or do we have someone who is kind of a radical?

Christina stated that she would be against the stimulus package.  She thinks it would have been a better allocation of resources had it been given to the people as a tax rebate.

What do Republicans need to do to regain control and win the “young voter”?
I won’t paraphrase, I’ll just provide the entire quote.

First of all, parents have to care about the education their children are getting.  The NEA dominates the public education community, you shouldn’t be surprised if the youth begin voting Democrat.

This doesn’t answer the question of how we fix it now, but children become voters before you know it.

Parents should intervene right now.  They should go home and look at the index of their history books under McCarthy.  If they say there were no Communists, this is a bad history book.  It is teaching falsehood.

If you are teaching them falsehood in high school, when you have control over their education…and when they get to college and find out the truth, they are going to overturn everything.  They will not believe anything they were taught…and everything becomes questionable.

What is your proposal to meet the demand of our energy needs?
Christina is a capitalist and believes in the free market.  She believes that the government needs to stay out of the free market and allow it (the free market) discover the next best method of energy.

Jeffrey is a very intelligent individual and has a few things going in her favor in the race.  First, Dark Horse Strategy Groups is running her campaign.  So what’s the big deal?  DHSG managed to remove Sen. Jim Ritchie in the SC Senate 13 race.  Shane Martin was by far the underdog at the beginning of that campaign.  I will be curious to see if DHSG has the capabilities to pull off another upset.

Jeffrey also has demographics on her side and she should also be able to capitalize on her political experience.  We look forward to seeing how her experience and her status in the Spartanbug GOP helps propel her into the race for the fightin’ fourth.

Chaos, Rick Beltram, LaDonna Ryggs

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It's not a stop sign, but get's the point across

After spending approximately 45 minutes explaining the convention process, defending himself against allegations made by Upstate Update, all the while campaigning (I am honestly amazed to see how he does this), Rick Beltram ran into a brick wall when 76+ people stopped an effort that would allow him to add nominees to the state convention ballot.

We have since learned that adding nominees to the State Convention ballot appears to be allowed (we are still waiting for final clarification).

I decided to take a further look to see if the process used tonight was even valid.  After browsing some Robert’s Rules of Order, I discovered that a motion to suspend rules to have a vote requires 2/3 vote of the executive committee.  I’m still validating, but I believe state rules or party rules over rule this to read 50%.  Either way, rules not expressly designated are to bound by Robert’s Rules.  We would like to point out a few things that went wrong.

  1. The meeting was never properly called to order
  2. A roll call was never taken to determine if a quorum was present to conduct business
  3. The quorum would have to be based on the 88 precincts organized in 2007
    1. The newly reorganized precincts do not have a voice until the county convention
  4. Votes to suspend the rules must be done via roll call vote

This is just a quick synopsis, we don’t know how many other rules apply to this.

Although there was not a properly organized meeting, some individuals in the crowd raised a few of these points and after three rounds of voting on a table motion, order began to be restored.   The vote synopsis is below:

  1. Voice vote to table the motion passed, Beltram decided to have hand vote because it was hard to determine.
  2. Tried to do a vote via hand count which was counted improperly.
  3. Final head count vote the tabled the motion 76-24

So now I am left in a precarious position, who do I support?  There are arguments that LaDonna Ryggs should be attending these meetings and debating Rick Beltram.  She attended the meeting last night at West View B but not the executive committee meeting tonight.  There are also allegations that Ryggs failed her duties as executive committeeman in the re-organization process.

Among the many arguments against Beltram, new arguments are being raised concerning whether or not he is following the rules.

We would like to ask you:

With seven (7) days remaining until county convention, leave a comment and let us know who you are supporting.

Chipper Jones to Finish Career with Braves

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Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves

Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves

The Chipper Jones saga has finally been resolved.

Jones, 36, will get a chance to finish his career as an Atlanta Brave, signing a 3 year contract extension with an option on a fourth securing his future until 2012.

Personally, the Braves made the right move.  Jones has been with the Braves since he was drafted in the 1990’s, came through Greenville Braves organization before making it big, playing full time in Atlanta in 1995.

The John Smoltz saga left a sour taste in our mouth’s and I feared Jones may get the same treatment, so it is very refreshing to see this is a done deal.

You can find the details on Chipper Jones contract at

Responding to Rick Beltram

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If there is one thing I have learned since diving into politics head first a couple of years ago, you must learn how to win friends and influence people.  You also must know what battles to fight and which ones to let pass by.

In releasing my story about my experience with Rick Beltram and the corresponding audio tape, I have caught some heavy flak by a few individuals.  It would be very easy to fire back with more audio from the 58 minute conversation we had on that cold February 16 morning at the Skillet Restaurant to further prove my point, but I must ask, “At what cost?”

The fact of the matter is that Rick Beltram’s very own track record explains and validates my claims.

If we really want to see the members of our Grand Ole Party return to a true limited government, fiscally conservative, free market, and personal freedoms platform, we must remove those who hamper that cause.  We need leaders who are honest and ethical.  We cannot afford to have anymore talking heads that say one thing and do another.

As we move forward in the re-organization of our precincts and our party, I hope people will quit sitting on their hands.  We all have busy schedules, but we must be more involved.  Voting every two or four years will not fix the problems we have.

It starts here and your chance to make a difference is on March 23rd.  I will be there and I hope you will too.

Beltram’s Replacement Known Tomorrow?

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After the spanking that Rick Beltram has taken over the last few weeks over concerning his comments on Jim DeMint, the GOP HQ based out of a questionable building and the reported minimal support at the debates Monday, we have come down to the final 19 days before the votes take place to elect the next chairman of Spartanburg County.

The folks over at Upstate Update will be announcing their candidate for Spartanburg County Chairman. Who is it?  The only indication we have is a blurred picture of Nicole Cobb’s husband, Doug Cobb.

We spoke with Kerry Wood and he told us the announcement would be made Friday, March 20th at/after lunch.  He did not give us any indication as to who the candidate was though.

So, here is your chance to sound off.  Who do you think it is?

  • Rick Beltram
  • Gary Coats
  • Doug Cobb
  • Monica Hill
  • LaDonna Ryggs
  • Mike Dixon
  • Doug Smith

Leave a comment and let us know.

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