Rick Beltram Caught on Tape

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I have consulted with our lawyers and have confirmed that under SC law, it lawful to record a conversation as long as one party consents to the recording.  With that said, we have obtained audio with Rick Beltram’s comments on Jim Demint.

Text of Sound Bite:

When Jim DeMint comes by in 10, Karen’s not going to be county chairman, Kevin Hall is not going to be county chairman, Beltram will be county chairman and when he comes and wants to know what we can do for him, I am going to be on my hands.

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    Says video is private and must be invited to view.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/ihopehefailstoo ihopehefailstoo

    Nevermind… copied url and viewed directly at youtube just fine.

    Rush Limbaugh is talking about Jim Demint right now. Jim doesn’t need anything from Beltram.

  • Mike

    Can you also post the transcript for people who have trouble hearing the audio? The only part I cannot make out is the third person who he says will not be County Chair a/f he mentions Floyd and Hall.

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  • Riley

    Gary–we know you have a beef with Beltram. We know you thought Beltram was going to tap you to run against Inglis in ’10. We know when that didn’t work out that you now are trying to enact your own version of retribution. But you wanted Beltram’s help when you thought he would make you a Congressman.

  • Reaganite

    Great point Riley!!!
    You couldn’t have put it better!!!
    Congratulations for getting it!!!
    Everyone knows Beltram has been recruiting candidates to run for state seats so he can make money off them, so I’m sure you’re correct, Beltram has his eye on bigger fish! As soon as he could secure State Chairman he would certainly be trying to recruit a bigger money-maker! I think you just made Gary’s point for him, pointing out just how corrupt Beltram really is. GREAT JOB!! THANKS!!

  • Mitch

    Reaganite–it just shows that Gary Coats might hold a grudge against Beltram and gives him motive to do what he is doing.

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  • Boiling Springs

    Mitch – Is Gary’s motivation really the main question here? No, of course it isn’t. The question is why Beltram wants to be state chairman if he isn’t interested in helping elect conservative candidates to high office? If he wins the State Chairmanship is he going to sit on his hands at HQ while DeMint runs in 2010?

  • Reidville Grandmother

    I have a few things to say about the Rick Beltram tape. First, why is he threating to take his endorsement from a person with integrity? Second, Mr. Beltram sounds like his ego may get in the way of his success. If Mr. Beltram thinks that he will get his way, he may be in for a sad awakening. I am not a young Republican, but an older Republican. I have seen many who thought that they could do as they please. Mr. Beltram, you may not get as far as you think that you will. I have sent the link to this web site across SC, GA, FL, and most of the other states. I think that us older conservative voters can and will show Mr. Beltram that we want politicians with integrity and conviction, rather than a self seeking attitude and an underhanded way of doing business. Mr. Coats, do not lose site of the good that you know is in all of us. Keep up the good work. Politics has always had a nasty side, but every once in a while you find something good.

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