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Besides the fact they are all Republicans, you won't guess what links them together.

Over the last year and a half, I have become heavily involved in politics.  I enjoy it and am looking forward to seeing our nation progress.  However, in the following set of articles, I will put at risk my reputation in the political world at the sake of the people of Spartanburg County.

Last week, in a conversation with Spartanburg County GOP Chairman Rick Beltram, was the first time I have ever felt like I was being extorted.  After sitting on this for a week, I have decided I should share what one individual plans to do if someone does not work with him.

Last week, I kindly shared with Rick Beltram that I would not be working on his campaign for State Chairman.  At this meeting (which was supposed to be confidential), he shared with me the following information concerning my withdrawal from his campaign.  I hate to break trust in confidential meetings but the people need to know what one will do to remain in power.

Beltram first told me a story about another individual who chose not to endorse him publicly.  Simply, a current county GOP official will no longer be serving, they are “disloyal”.

Beltram then said (paraphrased), if you remain neutral, you will not be the nominee for Vice Chairman – North.

OK, so what, you are not the nominee.  Here is the issue, Beltram insists on using a nominating committee that will present a slate of candidates that he approves of.  This is his way to guarantee he stays in power in the event he is not nominated from the floor.  In conventions past, some Convention Presidents have been known to close the nominations for a position immediately after the nominating committee shared their recommendations, preventing other individuals the opportunity to “run from the floor”.

In Stalin”esque” fashion, he has told two individuals either you are with me or you are out of the county party.  Doesn’t this sound a little like “pay to play” covered in the name of “loyalty”.  Do we have our very own “Rod Blagojevich” in Spartanburg, SC?

It gets better.  It is well known that I supported Ron Paul for his positions on the Constitution and sound money during the primaries.  I will admit that I did not agree with him 100% of the time,  but I felt he was the candidate who best fit my beliefs.

So, Beltram proceeded in telling me about conversations he had in one of his private team meetings the weekend before and how they were questioning my “loyalty”.

A point was raised to Rick by one of those members…”Does he realize how much you have defended him concerning his support of Ron Paul?”

Rick continued, I don’t know but I will let him know.  He then proceeded in telling me that you realize those Ron Paul supporters are seen as kooks and crazy (pointing his finger to his temple and rotating) people.

To further make his point, he began discussing Senator Jim DeMint and his 2010 campaign.  He told me that because Jim DeMint endorsed Kevin Hall, the Spartanburg County GOP will be sitting on its hands in 2010 if and when he asks for assistance.

Is this the leadership and deceitfulness we need in our party?

Check out “Caught on Tape“.

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  • http://www.onthewriteside.org Holly

    With all due respect, your story appears to be full of holes and oozing with your own “impressions” and “feelings” versus fact.

    Could you be taking your failure to usher in the “Ron Paul Revolution” out on Rick? This rabid-attack mode is typical of a Ron Paul-cultist. These types of back-stabbing and often vicious assaults against an individual on the “so-called” behalf of Ron Paul sadly made many voters overlook him as a presidential candidate void of any legitimate ideas and that’s sad-because he had plenty.

    I have always found Beltram’s “tell-us-how-you-really-feel” style a refreshing change from the scripted phonies who run rampant in various levels of the South Carolina Republican Party. I have worked diligently for many political campaigns and causes in my life but have always doubled the time spent on such endeavors when working with Beltram. I have found working beside Beltram not only encouraging but actually fun in of lieu the root canal-comparable events I’ve attended without him.

    His decision to run has actually given me renewed interest in party activism. I guess the SCGOP will be getting membership dues from me for this year after all. SCGOP Convention, here I come!

    As for DeMint, I’m a huge fan. I have fought tirelessly for not only his various campaigns over the years but also for his continued success in Washington-and I will continue to do so. Beltram-like myself-has worked hard for DeMint over the years. I can understand any frustration Beltram might feel over the endorsement. DeMint came out of the gate endorsing Hall before all the candidates for SCGOP Chair had even been identified.

    This unfortunately appears typical for DeMint who also endorsed Romney for President in the same “trigger-happy” fashion in the early hours of the presidential election. While working for a competing presidential campaign, I know I felt a little betrayed when DeMint endorsed “born-again-election day-conservative” Romney before the presidential race ever really begun. I got over it and so will Rick-that is IF he is even upset.

    Furthermore, who actually cares about a lousy endorsement? Should a voter of any kind seriously select a candidate because someone else tells them too or should they do so based on their own knowledge and the individual qualifications of a candidate?

    I have a “feeling” that you are making a mountain out of a mole hill because you’re either a.) pouting b.) practicing what REAL writers call “yellow journalism” to draw shock appeal or portray a sense of “exclusive” knowledge to draw attention to your blog or yourself personally or c.) all of the above.