Ford Refuses Bailout

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The brand new Ford Taurus to be released in 2010

The brand new Ford Taurus to be released in 2010

Finally, someone refuses a bailout!

That’s right, Ford has yet to take a bailout and claims they can survive without Uncle Sam! They have been able to do this since they restructured in 2006.

I remember the world believing that Ford was going belly up in 2006 when they began to announce they were shutting down operations across the US and were restructuring.  Now with all that has happened and the $10+ billion that GM and Chrysler are indebted to the soon to be Socialist States of America, Ford may be the quality company that we can count on.

And not only that, Ford may have finally designed a car (family car that is, I do have 2 kids) that is sporty enough for me to comfortably drive.  I really love the size of our CX-9, but it isn’t a “cool” ride if you know what I mean.

After Ford shuttered the Taurus in 2006 and started building the Fusion (ok, I remember this from watching NASCAR as a teenager), they really killed themselves.  The Taurus (and Thunderbird) had a reputation with the American people, and they killed both of those in a 10 year period.

The new Taurus is a work of art too.  Starting at a little over $25K, It will supposedly get 28mpg on the highway and drops to 18mpg in the city (they need to work on the city driving, that is a large drop off) and a ton of technology available including:

  • SYNC – a voice-activated mobile phone and digital music system designed by Microsoft (I can’t believe I just gave Microsoft props, it’s killing me)
  • BLIS – A blind spot information system with cross traffic alert (sounds neat, won’t try to explain)

The only downside, it doesn’t have the manual transmission.  That hurts a little bit, but the car is supposed to be available in July 2009.

Hopefully Ford will continue to capitialize on their prior planning and I might just convince the wife to buy an American made car again.

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  • Bruce McIntire

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  • chris lawton

    Buy Amercian – Buy a Ford at D & D Ford in Greer, SC!! 864-877-0711 x120

  • Portable

    This whole bailout mindset makes me sick. All we’ve done the past 8 years is spend and spend, and look where we are. Why do we think spending even more will make things better? Also, do we really want to reward companies for failing? Because that is basically what it is. People are learning that if your company fails, then the government will be there to pick it up. It is the same mentality as welfare was in the 90’s. And we all know that went too far and had to be ended. Are we going to have to face an economic collapse in order for people to realize welfare for companies is not what we need?

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