A Sad Day in Boiling Springs

January 17, 2009 by  
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Tonight, the doors will close at Ron’s Family Restaurant (Ron’s Hog Pen) in Boiling Springs.

Ron has been running the restaurant since the early 2000’s and has been fairly successful.

He started in a small building off of Parris Bridge Rd, moving to a parcel in the old Seven Sea’s Building around 2005.

He was so successful there he had to move to his new location on Hwy 9 beside the Pizza Hut in Boiling Springs.

Unfortunately, the economy finally gotten the best of him.  He had made several attempts to reorganize and hold on to his great business, even seeking an additional funds from Bank of America to be told by the representative a rather questionable response that we won’t air here.  It was along the lines that you as an individual do not meet the social requirements.

Ron told me today that he hated to have to shut his doors.  He was very thankful to the people of Spartanburg and Boiling Springs for allowing his restaurant to survive as long as it had.

Ron had become very active in the GOP community providing catering needs for events as well as opening his doors to host executive committee meetings and forums.

Ron will continue to run a catering business out of an unknown location and has said he is considering returning to a small location with his famous pigs and familiar BBQ.

Ron, we at The Conservativist wish you the best of luck in your new ventures.

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