Ford Refuses Bailout

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The brand new Ford Taurus to be released in 2010

The brand new Ford Taurus to be released in 2010

Finally, someone refuses a bailout!

That’s right, Ford has yet to take a bailout and claims they can survive without Uncle Sam! They have been able to do this since they restructured in 2006.

I remember the world believing that Ford was going belly up in 2006 when they began to announce they were shutting down operations across the US and were restructuring.  Now with all that has happened and the $10+ billion that GM and Chrysler are indebted to the soon to be Socialist States of America, Ford may be the quality company that we can count on.

And not only that, Ford may have finally designed a car (family car that is, I do have 2 kids) that is sporty enough for me to comfortably drive.  I really love the size of our CX-9, but it isn’t a “cool” ride if you know what I mean.

After Ford shuttered the Taurus in 2006 and started building the Fusion (ok, I remember this from watching NASCAR as a teenager), they really killed themselves.  The Taurus (and Thunderbird) had a reputation with the American people, and they killed both of those in a 10 year period.

The new Taurus is a work of art too.  Starting at a little over $25K, It will supposedly get 28mpg on the highway and drops to 18mpg in the city (they need to work on the city driving, that is a large drop off) and a ton of technology available including:

  • SYNC – a voice-activated mobile phone and digital music system designed by Microsoft (I can’t believe I just gave Microsoft props, it’s killing me)
  • BLIS – A blind spot information system with cross traffic alert (sounds neat, won’t try to explain)

The only downside, it doesn’t have the manual transmission.  That hurts a little bit, but the car is supposed to be available in July 2009.

Hopefully Ford will continue to capitialize on their prior planning and I might just convince the wife to buy an American made car again.

The Race for the Fightin’ Fourth – Part 1

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Bob Inglis - Congressman SC-4

Bob Inglis - Congressman SC-4

This is the first segment in a series of interviews for known candidates that are entering the 4th District Congressional Race.  No portion of this article or the following articles in this series represents an endorsement made by Gary Coats or The Conservativist.

I had the privlidge to sit down with Congressman Bob Inglis on Monday, January 26th after his morning campaign event in Spartanburg.  Congressman Inglis was very generous with his time and his answers, allowing me to see deeper inside the mind we have often criticized.

Bob Inglis is a resident of Greenville County’s north side in Traveler’s Rest.  Originally from Bluffton, SC, he ended up in the 4th after attending Duke University and the University of Virginia Law School.  Bob is married to Mary Ann and has 5 children between the ages of 11 and 22.

Upon sitting down with the incumbent from Traveler’s Rest, my mind began racing in a variety of directions as to where to start the interview, so, I began with the obvious question.  Where do we, as Republicans, go from here?

Congressman Inglis stated that Republicans need to begin solving problems.  That is a strength of a Republican, a stregth of our party.  Our problem solving needs to improve the underlying programs already in place.  Inglis also stated that the tone of conservatism needed to remain positive and transformative and not turn to an angry and reactionary mind set.

We have often criticized Inglis on energy, so we took a second to look a little deeper into this policy.  When asked Inglis gave us a rhetorical question:

“What is conservative about spilling my waste on to your property?”

Inglis believes that the strength of free markets will solve our energy problems, with a few addendums.

First of all, he states that there is no accountabilty for emissions that are polutting your property.  If we can find a way to attach a cost to the waste bi-product on coal, nuclear energy immediately becomes a viable and profittable solution.  He stated that coal is cheaper until it is cleaner and the clean coal initiative is a big government program.

I immediately followed by asking if this is where cap-and-trade came into the picture?

Inglis’ response:

“Cap-and-Trade is the largest tax increase in the world.  It will not work.”

So what does Inglis propose?

“Eliminate the payroll tax and replace it with a carbon tax. By eliminating the 12.4% cost of the payroll tax and implementing carbon taxes, the cost to the government would be net neutral. “

Let’s look at it like this.  I would love to keep that 6.2% tax in my paycheck and the companies paying the match would have that money to give to its employee’s, invest in captial projects, create jobs.  Brilliant!  Here is a link to the article here.

And finally, we talked about the bailouts.

The congressman believes that the initial bailout of the banks was necessary.  He believes that the banking system had to remain operational to prevent another depression.  Inglis states:

“I could not be the next Herbert Hoover.”

He goes on to further state that we, the people are at fault for this as well.  We have been living on borrowed money and not saving has hurt the people.  We were encouraged by former President Bush after 9/11 to spend.

On the auto bailout, he points to Greer, SC and BMW.  He said a bailout to the big 3 would not solve the problem.  They must change the way they do business, and that means working with UAW to change that model.  BMW has proved that it is possible to build cars for a profit in Greer, SC.

On President Obama’s stimulus package.  He said he would be voting against it.  There was very little stimulus and many long term project and government programs that expanded the size of the government.

Inglis impressed me the other day.  In the 30-45 minutes that we talked, I saw a side of Inglis I hadn’t seen before.  It was a very personable and logical individual and he took the time to explain why.  He doesn’t always get to do that in town hall meetings with out being chastised.  If he can do that throughout the campaign season, he may be able to turn some of the neigh sayers in his favor.

Greenville GOP Executive Committee Meeting

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From Samuel Harms, GOP County Chairman:

The next Greenville County Executive Committee meeting will take place Monday night, Feb. 2, at 7 p.m., in the J. Verne Smith Auditorium on the campus of Greenville Tech at 506 S. Pleasantburg.

We will discuss precinct reorganization, which will take place March 2.

We will also conduct an election for the third vice-chair of the Greenville County GOP.


The public is invited.

Gary Coats Elected New Chairman of Spartanburg Young Republicans

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Spartanburg Young Republicans

Spartanburg Young Republicans

Spartanburg, SC – On Wednesday, January 21, 2008, the Spartanburg Young Republicans held a board meeting to elect a new chairman of the county organization.

The outgoing leader, Nicole Cobb, will be heavily involved in both state and federal campaigns in 2010 and decided it was in the best interest of the group for her to step down.  Cobb will remain a member of the organization.

Gary Coats takes the reins of the organization while the Republican Party is still reeling from the aftermath of the General Elections in November.

Gary said the following about his election:

“I am very excited with the opportunity given me to lead and build this organization.  We will work hard to ensure that the Young Republicans (18-41) are well represented and can assist in rebuilding the party.  It is our time to lead.”

The next meeting of the Spartanburg Young Republicans will be on Tuesday, February 3rd.  The time and location is to be determined.

Jeffrey Gets Early Start on 2010 Campaign

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Today, Christina Jeffrey throws her hat into the ring for the 2010 Race for SC 4th Congressional District.

This is a  surprise entry into the race.  She could end up being a very viable candidate for Inglis’ seat.  The mastermind of Shane Martin’s Senate 13 race, Kerry Wood, will be heavily involved in Jeffrey’s campaign.

The press release is below.


Republican activist, College Professor, Historian of the 104th Congress, and children’s advocate, Christina Jeffrey, will announce her candidacy for Congress tomorrow at 10 AM EST on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Christina Jeffrey is currently in Washington, DC, attending a Team Sarah meeting (named for Sarah Palin) and the March for Life.  She is taking this occasion to announce her candidacy for Congressional House District 4, representing the Upstate of South Carolina. This seat is currently held by Bob Inglis.

“Dr. Jeffrey is a solid social and fiscal conservative who is dedicated to the principles that brought the Republican Party to power in 1980,” says retired Dorman High School American government and economics teacher, Mark Thompson. “Having worked in many political campaigns, she brings a wealth of experience. For the past 7 years, she has been Secretary of the Spartanburg County Republican Party; I do believe she will do an outstanding job.”

Asked to sum up her reason for running against Mr. Inglis, Dr. Jeffrey said this:
……. “Bob Inglis is symbolic of the path many Republicans have taken over the past few years as he has continued to compromise our conservative values. He is sadly out of touch with his constituents.  Times have changed, but the principles that brought the Republican Party to power in 1980 are the principles held by the majority of his constituents and the principles that we must have in the nation’s capital.”

A deep knowledge of international trade and public policy, especially with respect to economic issues, makes her uniquely qualified to serve in these troubling times. She understands the many challenges facing our country both at home and around the world. Her teaching assignments have taken her to Germany and Turkey, and subsequently to Kennesaw State University in Georgia, and a tenured position as Associate Professor of Political Science. A decade ago, she relocated with her family to South Carolina, home to her parents and brothers, and currently teaches Foundations of American Government at Wofford College.

Kerry Wood,
Consultant, Dark Horse Strategy Group,

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