7th Cirucuit Solicitor Refers Vote Fraud Case to Attorney General

December 21, 2008 by  
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We broke this story on Friday and we were left with a could not comment when we called the 7th Circuit Solicitors office.

The Herald Journal reports today that Trey Gowdy’s office will transfer the case to Henry McMaster, the SC State Attorney General.

We are glad to see that this case is being referred on because if not prosecuted, it would set a precedent that others could vote multiple times in the future and get away with it.  What a great operation for ACORN in 2012 if needed here in SC.

On a side note, Rep. Eric Bedingfield (House District 28) notified us that he has prefiled a bill (H. 3139) to stop absentee voting 6 days prior to the election.  In effect, this would allow the election rolls to be updated accordingly as noted in our earlier article.

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