Thank You Bob Inglis!

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Bob Inglis - South Carolinas Fourth Congressional District Representative.

Bob Inglis - South Carolina's Fourth Congressional District Representative.

I don’t get to say this often, but I would like to give many thanks to Congressman Bob Inglis.

Bob Inglis took steps today to show that he his listening to his constituents.

In an email to people in the district from the congressional office, Inglis shared that he would not be supporting the proposed auto industry rescue package (“bailout”, let’s be real).

He states that the industry needs cultural transformation and not just tinkering to get taxpayer bailout funds.

He goes on to state the following:

The proposed $25 billion auto industry rescue is aimed at a single industry. That industry is vital to America, but so was a robust textile industry. The things that ail the domestic car producers-archaic union work rules and unsustainable salary and benefit packages-don’t ail successful manufacturers like BMW. This crisis calls for all players to see it in their best interest to remake themselves into a wholly different industry and shed legacy costs and thinking. A prepackaged bankruptcy option may be the only way to cleanly break from the past.

If you don’t remember, the government watched that go to the pot with the free trade agreements and such in the early to mid 1990’s.  We are lucky to still have Milliken, one of the largest privately held textile companies in the world employing, when I left, over 10,000 people.

I’m glad the Congressman is getting this one right.  The airline industry has survived their bankruptcy rumblings (with some government help), the big three can go into bankruptcy and work out their problems too.

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  • Curious

    Is that thermal underwear he is wearing?

  • chris lawton

    Bob’s reasoning for not supporting the auto bailout is not congruent to his supporting the Bankster bailout, which was also btw a “single industry”. The calls where 80% opposed to the first bailout! C’mon Bob, what’s the matter? You didn’t get a FREE car out of this deal?

  • Upstate Conservative

    Remember though that Inglis voted for the first bailout back in October instead of supporting conservative alternative plans like DeMint’s.

    Great post on the potential 2010 race for the 4th CD seat. The GOP just needs to get someone already established to knock Inglis off. Should have been something that Republicans has been chompng at the bit to do already – Inglis was one of a handful of Republicans to oppose the surge in Iraq, he thinks global warming is our great so-called environmental challenge, he goes on taxpayer funded trips to study how climate change affects ocean plantlife hald way across the world, and he is against mandatory minimums for the worst kind of drug offenders. Will a real conservative to represent one of the most conservative districts in the nation please stand up?

  • kodajola pornug

    tiptop position. So hang on to!