2010 Race for the “Fightin’ Fourth”

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I don’t know if you can call a facebook group an official announcement, but Rick Mahler from Campobello has built a facebook group announcing his intentions to run for Bob Inglis’ 4th Congressional seat.

We displayed a list of potential candidates a few months back of who we suspected to be running.  So lets give an update.

  1. Bob Inglis (incumbent)
    1. The incumbent, enough said.
  2. Gary Coats
    1. Some political circles around Spartanburg have mentioned that I may be interested in running for the seat.  Those individuals who have spoke to me have mentioned that my constant criticism of the Congressman led them to believe that I was interested.
    2. UPDATE: For clarification, I am not running for this seat in 2010.
  3. Rick Mahler
    1. Has created a group on Facebook to begin organizing.  Will be interesting to see if he can put together a ground game.
  4. Jim Ritchie
    1. Ritchie has run for this seat in the past and was handed a strong defeat.  Again he is considered to be running for Governor or Attorney General; part of the reason he lost his Senate seat to Shane Martin.
    2. UPDATE: Rumors are still strong that this candidate is working on building a campaign.  Nothing has been officially declared, but my sources are pretty reliable.
  5. Scott Talley
    1. Talley lost his bid for a State Senate seat in a close election against Lee Bright.  He had relinquished his state house seat for that race.  It was rumored in 2007 as a future interest for him and has been mentioned to me by a few individuals that he may be planning.
    2. UPDATE: I have not heard anything new concerning Talley’s plans for 2010.  It will be interesting to see where he goes next.

Do you have any information concerning the 2010 race for the 4th Congressional District, share it with us!

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  • Dan H.

    There is a businessman from Greenville that will be running with strong support from the original Inglis/DeMint base. Inglis has lost his way and he has left his base…his base has found a great candidate. Young, articulate, conservative and will be able to raise the right amount of money. Bye, bye Bob.

  • Upstate Conservative

    Dan H.,

    Can you share who this person is with us?

  • Frank

    Ask Rick Mahler about his business practices in Florida.

  • James

    I’m assuming Dan H. is talking about Andrew Smart.

    What did Rick Mahler do in Florida?