Why are Spartanburg’s Officers Over Worked

December 1, 2008 by  
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Just found an interesting article on goupstate.com. Thought our citizens would be interested to know.


Our county is paying over 100,000 dollars in salary to some of detention officers. Now, understand I am not against our jail system, other than the fact that these people are in prison, they do not deserve special treatment.

One detention averaged approx. 87 hours per week. Are we understaffed in our jails? If that is the case let the prisoners feel the economic situation the same as we are. Those bars are on those cells for a reason. Leave them in their cell longer each day. Is someone getting away with padding the books? I think an official audit needs to be done. Some one needs to explain. Why are our officers so over worked? Is there a situation that demands such overtime? We cannot afford this. Money has to be directed away from our education system and taking care of our elders. Children and education are the future of our country. Prisoners are not….

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  • Lynne C

    I’m with you on this one….If my memory serves me correctly, this came out in the news a while back, and only a certain few officers got the majority of the overtime. I’m on the same page as the conservativist here. Those bars are there for a reason, use them. And if those prisoners are illegals then ship them back. Don’t waste my money.
    While I’m here I thought I would just put my opinion in on the Sanford deal. I seen on the news ticker tape that 61 GOP’s were asking for him to resign after the affair. Now this is how I see it. Quit the affair bull. If Sanford abused the office of Governor, and spent money where he shouldn’t have then there is reason for him to resign. But Bill Clinton set the standards here, he got caught, he lied, and tarnished the oval office. And yet remained president. If Sanford did something illegal then he should step down, other wise give it a break.