7th Cirucuit Solicitor Refers Vote Fraud Case to Attorney General

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We broke this story on Friday and we were left with a could not comment when we called the 7th Circuit Solicitors office.

The Herald Journal reports today that Trey Gowdy’s office will transfer the case to Henry McMaster, the SC State Attorney General.

We are glad to see that this case is being referred on because if not prosecuted, it would set a precedent that others could vote multiple times in the future and get away with it.  What a great operation for ACORN in 2012 if needed here in SC.

On a side note, Rep. Eric Bedingfield (House District 28) notified us that he has prefiled a bill (H. 3139) to stop absentee voting 6 days prior to the election.  In effect, this would allow the election rolls to be updated accordingly as noted in our earlier article.

7th Circuit Solicitor Will Not Prosecute Double Voters?

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The Conservativist has learned today that there is a major rift in Spartanburg County, and it is not with the delegation.

The GOP had many concerns with the number of people early voting (absentee voting).  The biggest concern was ensuring that people didn’t double vote.  This is possible because the vote data from the week before the election can not be compiled in time to update the rolls that go to the polls.

Don Watson told the GOP that they would make every effort to double check the data to ensure double voting didn’t happen after the election.

We learned today that Mr. Watson found 2 individuals and has reported them to the solicitors office as this is a federal offense and claims Trey Gowdy has stated that he would not prosecute these individuals.

We have called the solicitors office and were told that they could not comment on the issue because it was in the middle of an investigation.

We’ll be digging a little further to get the rest of the details.

We are back, at least in body

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Enjoying a relaxing beach chair and umbrella watching the waves come in on St. Martin

Enjoying a relaxing beach chair and umbrella watching the waves come in on St. Martin

Sorry for the lack of stories.  We will be posting again in the next few days as we, I, catch up on the Upstate’s happenings for the past week.

My wife and I took a well needed vacation and part of the deal with the wife was…no politics.  I must admit that was pretty hard.  No news, no email, no internet (partly because it was $60 for 5 hours of access at our hotel in St. Martin), and no technology besides the camera to take pictures.

We had a great time and now we are catching up with the world.

On a side note, we further discovered the need to know multiple languages.  We expect people to come to America and speak English, and we should do the same.  My French hasn’t been used in about 10 years, needless to say, it was rough and thankfully most of the locals spoke English.  We will be touching up on and learning our French as a result of our experiences.  Does anyone have an old copy of Rosetta Stone – French?

The one newsbit I did catch was in the airport returning home, “Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe at President Bush.”  We’ll read the rest of the story a little later this evening.

Thank You Bob Inglis!

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Bob Inglis - South Carolinas Fourth Congressional District Representative.

Bob Inglis - South Carolina's Fourth Congressional District Representative.

I don’t get to say this often, but I would like to give many thanks to Congressman Bob Inglis.

Bob Inglis took steps today to show that he his listening to his constituents.

In an email to people in the district from the congressional office, Inglis shared that he would not be supporting the proposed auto industry rescue package (“bailout”, let’s be real).

He states that the industry needs cultural transformation and not just tinkering to get taxpayer bailout funds.

He goes on to state the following:

The proposed $25 billion auto industry rescue is aimed at a single industry. That industry is vital to America, but so was a robust textile industry. The things that ail the domestic car producers-archaic union work rules and unsustainable salary and benefit packages-don’t ail successful manufacturers like BMW. This crisis calls for all players to see it in their best interest to remake themselves into a wholly different industry and shed legacy costs and thinking. A prepackaged bankruptcy option may be the only way to cleanly break from the past.

If you don’t remember, the government watched that go to the pot with the free trade agreements and such in the early to mid 1990’s.  We are lucky to still have Milliken, one of the largest privately held textile companies in the world employing, when I left, over 10,000 people.

I’m glad the Congressman is getting this one right.  The airline industry has survived their bankruptcy rumblings (with some government help), the big three can go into bankruptcy and work out their problems too.

2010 Race for the “Fightin’ Fourth”

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I don’t know if you can call a facebook group an official announcement, but Rick Mahler from Campobello has built a facebook group announcing his intentions to run for Bob Inglis’ 4th Congressional seat.

We displayed a list of potential candidates a few months back of who we suspected to be running.  So lets give an update.

  1. Bob Inglis (incumbent)
    1. The incumbent, enough said.
  2. Gary Coats
    1. Some political circles around Spartanburg have mentioned that I may be interested in running for the seat.  Those individuals who have spoke to me have mentioned that my constant criticism of the Congressman led them to believe that I was interested.
    2. UPDATE: For clarification, I am not running for this seat in 2010.
  3. Rick Mahler
    1. Has created a group on Facebook to begin organizing.  Will be interesting to see if he can put together a ground game.
  4. Jim Ritchie
    1. Ritchie has run for this seat in the past and was handed a strong defeat.  Again he is considered to be running for Governor or Attorney General; part of the reason he lost his Senate seat to Shane Martin.
    2. UPDATE: Rumors are still strong that this candidate is working on building a campaign.  Nothing has been officially declared, but my sources are pretty reliable.
  5. Scott Talley
    1. Talley lost his bid for a State Senate seat in a close election against Lee Bright.  He had relinquished his state house seat for that race.  It was rumored in 2007 as a future interest for him and has been mentioned to me by a few individuals that he may be planning.
    2. UPDATE: I have not heard anything new concerning Talley’s plans for 2010.  It will be interesting to see where he goes next.

Do you have any information concerning the 2010 race for the 4th Congressional District, share it with us!

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