James Smith and Jim Rex are Minimally Adequate

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James Smith and Jim Rex are both rumored to be contestants for the Democratic Gubernatorial Ticket.  And it appears that they both believe the same thing.

The two are both grandstanding on SC Education problems believing that a Constitutional amendment is necessary to fix our public education system.  Here is what James Smith had to say in a recent email:

Fellow South Carolinians:
The election of our new president has proven that we are willing to bring CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN to America. We are asking for your help to make a CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN for South Carolina.

Please sign the petition supporting a constitutional amendment to insert the words “high quality education” in South Carolina’s constitution, replacing our current standard of “a minimally adequate education.”

The petition asks the legislature to allow the people of South Carolina to vote on this amendment in the 2010 election, and we are the principal sponsors of this legislation. Please join us today!

Go to www.GoodbyeMinimallyAdequate.com and sign the petition today.
Let’s bring CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN to South Carolina!
Thank you.
State Senator John Matthews (Senate District 39)
Representative James Smith (House District 72)

With all due respect, how much more money can we throw at the public school system and expect changes?  I am reminded of a quote from Albert Einstein.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

And you cannot blame it all on the teachers or the educators.  When are the parents going to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the individuals they placed in this world?

When are you going to allow teachers to fail students again with out being punished?  When you are moving kids along when they are not ready to move to a higher grade?  You are punishing the rest of the kids in the classroom.  It is bad when a teacher says the following to you:

We cannot move on to the next phase of math though because the rest of the students are not ready.

Forget “minimally adequate”.  The parents of these children need to take the responsibility to work with their kids.  Some of these parents need to learn English.  That would be the first step in solving some of our problems.  Next communicate with your teachers, find out what YOU can do to make your child better and you, the parent, work with your children.

Speaking of which, it is time to do homework now!

I hope the people of South Carolina get a better choice for Governor than these two individuals.

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