Catching Up on Inglis After The Election

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Bob Inglis via The Conservativist

Bob Inglis Speaks to Spartanburg GOP on November 1st, 2008

It should come as no surprise to you that the Congressman and I are at odds over many things. That does not mean that I don’t respect him and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on his recent victory.

See Bob, I can do more than just criticize!

Now on to more pressing issues. Let’s start with the bailout…uhum…the Recovery Package. At Inglis’ Let’s Talk lunch this past month Congressman Bob Inglis gave an update on his vote. He stated he had to ask himself the following question:

Is the risk of doing nothing greater than the risk of buying $700 billion of illiquid securities?

He decided to support the bailout so the economy could make an emergency landing rather than crash. He said with the facts he knew, he was glad that we have a democratic republic because the people were missing this one.

He further stated that we must do something about Medicare and Social Security to get the budget under control. He believes this is one of the largest symptoms of our budget crisis.

Some argued then to just get rid of it. It was stated that many of us will never see its benefits, therefore let us manage our own retirement. The Congressman stated we really cannot do that, it will make many people mad, especially those that are counting on it.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity and shot back

Congressman, with all do respect, it didn’t matter that you pissed off America by supporting the bailout. So what is the difference in applying that logic to axe Social Security.

Now, I realize there are bigger complications with just eliminating social security. My objective was to get the point across that just because it will make people mad cannot be a valid excuse, it didn’t apply to the bailout.

There was also a little plus for Congressman Bob Inglis in the bailout that was passed. In it was a provision to allow for a cap and trade system on carbon. It was called the “ENERGY IMPROVEMENT AND EXTENSION ACT OF 2008“. It was found in Division B of HR 1424.

To at least finish this off on a positive note, Congressman Inglis did vote to change the bankruptcy laws for Reservists and National Guard troops who may be serving actively.  This should provide them more protection while they are earning less than their normal salaries while serving our Great Nation.

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