A Riff in Spartanburg Delegation

November 10, 2008 by  
Filed under SC Politics

It appears there is division in the county delegation just one week after the election.

The vote for chair went to Littlejohn (9) Shane Martin (4). We have learned that although by the numbers Littlejohn won, Martin won by a weighted vote. All 3 senators and Joey Millwood carried more weight than the other 9 voting members. I’ll get details later.

The same question could be posed for the vice chairmanship. Kelly gained 8 votes and Millwood 5. Again the three senators plus two house members voted for Millwood.

The question to raise is whether or not this vote was conducted accordingly by Doug Smith, exiting House Pro Temp.

If not, it appears that Doug Smith was not done with politics and left his exiting mark on the Spartanburg County Delegation.

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