Rick Beltram Looking To Hire Security Guard

October 31, 2008 by  
Filed under SC Politics

After the fiasco that has turned up at the Spartanburg County Election Commissions office over Beltram’s poll watching tactics, there have been several threats made to the Famed or Wanted GOP Chairman.

We overheard this conversation today while attending a Rally at the Junction Too at Hearon Circle where Governor Mark Sanford came to rally the troops and offer his support to “the reformed minded individuals” that the county has selected to lead the ballot next weekend.

I must admit though, Beltram being a Jersey boy, I’m surprised he has not needed a security guard any sooner than he has.  I remember 15 months ago he was being blasted from all over the nation for his position on “banning the Paul Campaign” from events in Spartanburg after Paul’s comments challenging the wars.

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